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Fabricating Enemies the American Way: Analysis

As the world's only superpower, the United States has fabricated one fallacy after another to slander other countries. Following the "rogue states" and "axis of evil" theories, a new so-called "failed states" theory, seems to be winning popularity in the United States.


As the world's only superpower, the United States has fabricated one fallacy after another to slander other countries.

Following the "rogue states" and "axis of evil" theories, a new so-called "failed states" theory, seems to be winning popularity in the United States.

All these theories are aimed to serve the strategic interests and domestic political needs of the United States, according to an article in the Beijing-based Global Times.

The United States holds a strong sense of superiority, so it has gotten used to defining relations with other countries by its own moral criteria and values. It has always been trying to impose its standards of judgment upon others. Its foreign policy, consequently, usually bears this ideology.

To gain an advantage over its major Cold War adversary, the former Soviet Union, the former Reagan administration adopted a tougher foreign policy, and labelled the Soviet Union as an evil empire.

Since the end of the Cold War, the term of "rogue states" has frequently appeared in official US speeches.

In 1993, when he claimed that missiles held by Iran and Libya posed a threat to international security, former US President Bill Clinton first used "rogue states" to describe the two countries.

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright also claimed that the sole goal of these countries was to disrupt the existing international system, so the United States had to deal with these "rogue states."

The American list of such states includes the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Cuba, Iran, Iraq, and Libya.

The United States seems to have found an interest in cooking up sensationalist terms. In his 2002 State of the Union Address, US President George W. Bush, labelled the three countries of Iran, Iraq, and the DPRK as an "axis of evil."

The wording provoked worldwide repercussions, and received extensive refutation from the international community, the article said.

So far, three other countries, Libya, Syria, and Cuba, have also been added as attack targets by the Bush administration.

The United States claims these countries already possess or are attempting to develop biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

To deter possible attacks from these countries, the United States claimed it is determined to "join hands with the international community" to exert sanctions and even strikes upon them and those who provide aid or cover for terrorists, the article said.

Even worse, some US politicians have gone so far as to advocate another new theory: the so-called "failed states" theory.

This concept insists that international society has the right to intervene in countries that are believed to be unable to provide enough opportunities for employment and education to their people or where poverty-driven social instability is believed to have posed a threat to the security of other countries.

Based on this logic, the United States claimed that the international community even has the right to overthrow governments of "failed states," the article said.

However, an in-depth probe of US domestic policies will find that all its absurd theories were concocted using ulterior motives.

The end of the Cold War has left the United States as the world's sole superpower that has no rival.

The unchallenged international position has stimulated its ever-growing unilateralism in international affairs.

The Bush administration seems to be more eager than its predecessor, the Clinton administration, to pursue a unipolar pattern of global security.

To this end, the list of "rogue states" has become longer and longer leading to the ultimate possibility of the United States launching nuclear attacks.

The global anti-terrorism war also provides a breeding ground for US theories. These concepts offer the United States a justification to wantonly interfere in the internal affairs of related countries, and even topple their government, the article analyzed.

With an all-time high of expansion of economic and military strength, the United States has intensified unilateral acts in its global strategy.

The smooth advancement of the ongoing anti-terror war and the ever-increasing trend of trade protectionism caused by the US economic slowdown have also contributed to US unilateral practices in international affairs.

American actions, from withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty (ABM) to the active deployment of missile defence system and the drafting of the Nuclear Posture Review, demonstrate that the United States is attempting to remold the post-Cold War world order to make it suitable for United States' national interests, the article said.

American research and governmental bodies only further their government's hegemony. Several American institutes and think-tanks consistently provide suggestions to governmental policy.

Though there exists differences in terms, all US theories of vilification are used against countries which stand opposed to the United States, the article pointed out.

By dubbing some countries as "rogue states," or part of an "axis of evil" or "failed states," the United States intends to demonize them, and create an atmosphere for sanctions, blockades and even military strikes.

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