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Article Exposes True Nature of Falun Gong Cult Leader's 'New Myths'

A signed article titled "Wild Words, Futile Struggle" exposes the deceit practiced by Li Hongzhi, head of the notorious Falun Gong cult, to glorify himself in the so-called Falun Gong "scriptures" he published in North America earlier this year.


A signed article titled "Wild Words, Futile Struggle" exposes the deceit practiced by Li Hongzhi, head of the notorious Falun Gong cult, to glorify himself in the so-called Falun Gong "scriptures" he published in North America earlier this year.

The article says that in most cases, all cult leaders tend to concoct lies and tout themselves to confuse and control followers, and convince devotees to worship and obey them absolutely.

Li Hongzhi has spared no effort in glorifying himself since he cooked up Falun Gong, the article points out, adding that the "myths" he spread in North America are the limit.

From the start Li Hongzhi has boasted that he has magic powers. For example, he once said that he used a kind of "extremely strong power" to turn the lower part of a "fairy snake," which was already in the shape of man, into water. He also says that if he sits in one place, he can see what is happening in other places far away.

Later, Li Hongzhi changed tactics. He changed his birth date to the same as Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism.

His purpose in doing this is to claim that he is the reincarnation of Sakyamuni and has the same power as a Buddha, the article says.

Li Hongzhi has even said that he can decide the fate of mankind and the earth. If he pleases, he can postpone the time of the earth's final explosion.

In his new "myths" he wrote in North America, Li Hongzhi described himself as the dictator of the universe. He said no matter how big the universe is, it cannot surpass him. "Without me, there will no universe," Li Hongzhi said, quoted by the article.

The purpose of such remarks is to further strengthen his spiritual control of Falun Gong believers, the article says. However his new "myths" are full of sophism and also show that LiHongzhi is now cornered.

Many of Li Hongzhi's followers have raised such questions: "Master (Li Hongzhi) says that he can protect all Falun Gong followers, so why does he not help those who are suffering?" and "Master says that he arranges all matters in the world. Did he arrange the ban on Falun Gong?"

Some followers also asked whether Li Hongzhi was responsible for the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

There is no doubt that Li Hongzhi's "myths" face challenges, the article notes.

In his new "scriptures," he still spins a series of lies to cheat his followers and does not allow them to question his so-called "magic power." He says he can completely wipe out manipulative "gods" which use evil means.

To further glorify himself, Li Hongzhi says that all gods think he is set apart from others in the universe, so they choose him to promote the Falun Dafa. But they do not know who he is, although they chose him to do the job.

The article says that in the past, Li Hongzhi talked sheer nonsense when promoting himself and his logic often full of flaws and holes, because he did not care if nobody believed him.

These days, he is overcautious and tries to justify himself when boasting. That is because he is afraid nobody believes him, the article says.

Li Hongzhi said in his new "scriptures" that all things happening in today's world are arranged by "old forces" and have nothing to do with him.

The article says Li Hongzhi's efforts to glorify himself and spread the Falun Gong cult by telling lies are a pointless struggle and doomed to failure.

Li Hongzhi is extremely afraid that more people are aware of his absurd remarks, especially among the Western public who don't know the truth, the article says. Because in this way the true nature of Falun Gong will be completely exposed under the broad light.

To some people obsessed with the Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi's lies are useful.

But when obsessed followers cannot realize their dreams of achieving "fulfillment" or "perfection" and "ascending to heaven," Li Hongzhi is likely to have no way out, except being discarded by his followers, the article says.

In the eyes of ordinary people in today's world, Li Hongzhi has become the flotsam of history. He has committed too many sins, the article concludes.

Source: Xinhua

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