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Falun Gong Cult Leader's Claims Refuted

China's Xinhua News Agency published a signed article by Ke Xie on Wednesday denouncing claims peddled by the Falun Gong cult leader Li Hongzhi in lectures he gave recently in North America.


China's Xinhua News Agency published a signed article by Ke Xie on Wednesday denouncing claims peddled by the Falun Gong cult leader Li Hongzhi in lectures he gave recently in North America.

Li said the earth has exploded twice in the past and his supreme master was held responsible for these explosions. Li also said there will be a third explosion for which Li himself will be responsible, but because of his efforts he has managed to postpone this one for another 30 years.

Scientists ridicule this statement as it is widely accepted that the earth's core consists of high-temperature magma, or a molten rock, which does not be explode.

Ke also refutes Li's claim that the planet earth has existed for anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5 billion years and says it shows that Li's claims lack substance and betrays his ignorance. It is scientifically accepted that the earth was formed about 4.6 billion years ago.

Moreover, Li said that his master has met beings from other planets. Despite all efforts, however, life has not ever been found on any other planet except on earth, Ke's article says.

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Former Falun Gong Practitioners on Falun Gong
  • "The Falun Gong cult misled me into killing my beloved uncle".

  • "I suspected that my uncle was plotting to murder me and could not control myself when thinking about a Falun Gong cult lecture which summons followers to endure until there is no need to."

    -- A Falun Gong Cult Devotee's Contrition

  • "I hope my experience will help transform those obsessed Falun Gong followers".

  • "I completely refused contact with the outside world and only believed in the cult and the propaganda that flooded the cult website".

    "I have not been abused since my detention and have not seen any sign of beating or admonishment here. Police in the centre are very polite and kind".

    "I am happy now, justice will finally defeat evil."

    --Former Falun Gong Follower Leads New Life

  • "I have never thought that Falun Gong could be so shockingly cruel."

  • "It reminds me of my own bitter experience."

    "I hope that the exhibition can make any person of benevolence keep a cool head."

    "I thought I was fighting for justice then, but when I was sent to the camp myself, I came to know that I had been wrong and fooled."

    --Former Falun Gong Addicts Visit Anti-Cult Exhibition

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