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Signed Article: Li Hongzhi Seeks Self-Ruin

China's Xinhua News Agency published a signed article by Guang Ming Tuesday denouncing Falun Gong and the latest fallacies from cult leader Li Hongzhi in spreading the cult in north America.


China's Xinhua News Agency published a signed article by Guang Ming Tuesday denouncing Falun Gong and the latest fallacies from cult leader Li Hongzhi in spreading the cult in north America.

The author used a large number of facts and figures, and claimed that the cult was already responsible for the deaths of over 1,700 people, revealing the true nature of Falun Gong.

Li Hongzhi began to use new deceitful tricks at beginning of this year. The article pointed out that the true skill and power of Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong was to cause death.

The author stated that Li Hongzhi had said, "Many things were the arrangements by old order," words he used to deify himself and deceive others.

True nature of Li Hongzhi
Malicious fallacies were the one "great skill" of Li Hongzhi. He fabricated an "evil axis in China" to instigate foreigners to cause trouble in China.

Li Hongzhi was afraid that his followers would abandon him. He knew very clearly that his deceit could not last and many of his followers already doubted his fallacies.

The author also noted that Li Hongzhi feared that people, including those with anti-Chinese intent, had seen clearly the true essence of Falun Gong -- a cult which was cruelly responsible for the deaths of many people.

The only way for Li Hongzhi to struggle from his trapped situation was to deceive. He had even instructed his followers to deceive people.

But he remained disappointed.

He had betrayed his native country and no one would believe in him and his cult.

The author stressed that all cults were doomed throughout China's long history and the same would befall Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong.

Former Falun Gong Practitioners on Falun Gong
  • "The Falun Gong cult misled me into killing my beloved uncle".

  • "I suspected that my uncle was plotting to murder me and could not control myself when thinking about a Falun Gong cult lecture which summons followers to endure until there is no need to."

    -- A Falun Gong Cult Devotee's Contrition

  • "I hope my experience will help transform those obsessed Falun Gong followers".

  • "I completely refused contact with the outside world and only believed in the cult and the propaganda that flooded the cult website".

    "I have not been abused since my detention and have not seen any sign of beating or admonishment here. Police in the centre are very polite and kind".

    "I am happy now, justice will finally defeat evil."

    --Former Falun Gong Follower Leads New Life

  • "I have never thought that Falun Gong could be so shockingly cruel."

  • "It reminds me of my own bitter experience."

    "I hope that the exhibition can make any person of benevolence keep a cool head."

    "I thought I was fighting for justice then, but when I was sent to the camp myself, I came to know that I had been wrong and fooled."

    --Former Falun Gong Addicts Visit Anti-Cult Exhibition

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