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Karl Marx Still Remembered by Chinese

Today though a market economy may prevail and private businesses prosper, Karl Marx is still revered in this socialist country.


Today though a market economy may prevail and private businesses prosper, Karl Marx is still revered in this socialist country.

On Marx's birthday Sunday, the nation still pays the highest respect to the father of the Communist movement.

A survey conducted in north China's Hebei Province showed that 100 percent of the respondents have heard of the German philosopher. They all agree that Marx's theory changed human history.

Karl Marx was born in May 5, 1818. His theory on capitalism and communism came to China in the early 20th century. In 1921, the Communist Party of China was founded, and eventually Chinese communists combined China's national conditions with the basic doctrines of Marxism and created the People's Republic of China in 1949.

In the late 1980s, China introduced the reform and opening up policy to abolish the rigid Soviet model, which the Chinese believed had distorted real Marxism. This blew new life into Marxism, experts say.

Guo Zhongyuan, a college teacher, said that many of his students are still enthusiastically studying Marxism.

When interviewed, Yang Xiaoshuang, a student from Hebei Science and Technology University, was reading about Marxism. "It continues to guide us in our work," he said, adding that he knows the Party's current ideology is based on Marxism.

The adherence to socialism and the development of Marxism has laid down a foundation for the rapid growth the Chinese economy, he said.

Sun Jinshui, a company worker, said that Marx's political economics will help people understand China's future and the current world situation.

Shen Zhiyong, a 38-year-old farmer, said that he had not studied Marxism, but he had often heard people talking about dialectical materialism. He said he will soon attend a special course on Marxism.

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