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Falun Gong Members Found in Slander Case

Chinese police have uncovered a case of slander allegedly committed by four members of the Falun Gong cult headed by Li Hongzhi.


A female corpse, a fabricated evidence
Lu Guozhan, one of the four Falun Gong practitioners involved in the case in northeast China's Liaoning Province, has confessed to his part in the crime and given full details of the events.

At midnight on February 22 last year, four Falun Gong practitioners entered the mortuary of the Donghuan Hospital at the Dashiqiao City.

After searching the ice chests one by one the four intruders finally found the female corpse they were looking for. They dragged out and threw the body onto the floor.

The group led by Wang Changshun then stripped the body and photographed the dark-colored spots on her back. These were cadaveric ecchymosis commonly appearing on the skin of corpses.

They then placed the body back into the ice locker.

Five days later, residents in some areas in Dashiqiao city found leaflets containing photographs of a female body. Closeup pictures of the cadaveric ecchymosis were described in the leaflets as "the scars left by batons, with which local policemen beat to death the victim in the picture ".

In addition, bruises under the dead woman's eyes, nose, lips were said to be from being beaten to death.

According to the investigation of the local public security department, the dead woman was called Li Yanhua, a 58-year-old Falun Gong practitioner from Dongjiang village of Dashiqiao.

Diected by Li Hongzhi, Li Yanhua began to distribute Falun Gong leaflets at six a.m. on February 19, 2001, hoping to escalate herself to "an advanced level" by doing so to show her loyalty to Li Hongzhi.

The extremely low temperature together with serious diabetes and hypokalemia made her faint beside a bunch of firewood.

Gao Zhenku,a villager who discovered the comatose Li Yanhua an hour later, said that after he reported the situation, local policemen immediately arrived and rushed Li to the nearby Donghuan Hospital in their patrol wagon.

According to Zhou Fusheng, the doctor in charge of Li's emergency treatment, Li Yanhua died of the respiratory failure due to ketosis on the morning of February 20. Li's death was undoubtedly from natural causes.

In command of Falun Gong's overseas headquarters, Wang Changshun and other Falun Gong followers decided to take advantage of the death, fabricating the so-called truths about Falun Gong to further disseminate the doctrines of the evil cult.

Conspiracy ended in vain
After the distribution of leaflets in Dashiqiao, the photographs of Li's body with the distorted story also appeared on Falun Gong's website last March and April, upsetting many people.

Since the Falun Gong practitioners maliciously attributed the death of Li Yanhua to police "violence", local police were frequently threatened and assaulted by both domestic and overseas members of Falun Gong during that period.

Alert members of the public, who already knew clearly the true colors of Falun Gong, informed the local police of the practitioners' illegal activities.

The conspiracy initiated by Wang Changshun and other Falun Gong followers ended in vain last May, and their wanton trampling on human rights became powerful evidence for the guilt of the evil cult.

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