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British MP Castigates Blair's 'Double Standards' on Iraq

A British parliamentary member criticized Prime Minister Tony Blair Sunday for his implicit support for a United States unilateral military action against Iraq, saying he was implementing "double standards" on the sanction issue.


Alice Mahon, who returned from a meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Association-Russian Federal Assembly Joint Monitoring Group which discussed in depth the question of Iraq in Australia, said Tony Blair is prepared to turn a blind eye to Israel's violations of the United Nations resolutions on Palestine.

"But he is prepared to contemplate unilateral action by the U.S. when it comes to Iraq," she said adding that "this is double standards."

Blair said in a statement in Australia last Friday that Britain had to act on the assumption that Iraq had "both the capability and intention to use" weapons of mass destruction

She said Britain has influence with Iraq that the U.S. and the west generally do not have and Blair should use this for a favorable resolution to the monitoring issue.

There are strong sentiment against military action on Iraq among the governing Labor's backbenches, she said.

She said there is equal concern that President Bush is determined to invade and we are doing nothing to try and stop him.

Britain Says It Would Back US Over Iraq
Britain would back U.S. action against Iraq if the "conditions were right," British Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon said Friday, amid mounting speculation that Washington is preparing to target Iraq in the next phase of the anti-terror war.

"Absolutely no decisions have been taken about any prospect of an attack," Hoon told the BBC. Full Story

No Military Action Against Iraq Decided: Britain
Briain on Wednesday confirmed that there are no clear plans to launch a military action against Iraq, though a second phase of the ongoing anti-terror war is a must.

The U.S. agrees with Britain on the need to deal a further blow to terrorism, and is working and consulting with its allies to put that conviction into action, Egypt's official MENA news agency quoted British diplomatic sources in Cairo as saying. Full Story

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Britain Says It Would Back US Over Iraq

No Military Action Against Iraq Decided: Britain


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