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Student in Paris Found Guilty for Painting 'Falun Gong' Slogan in Chinese Embassy

Feng Wenwei, student in Paris who ignored laws by daubing the Chinese Embassy in France, was found guilty by the Tribunal de grade instance de Paris on Wednesday and sentenced a penalty of 375 eurodollars and 100 eurodollars for compensation to the Chinese Embassy. He was also asked to pay 500 Eurodollars for the legal cost.


Feng's Illegal Action

Feng Wenwei went to France in a student's capacity in 1998. Now he is staying illegally in France. On the evening of June 2, 2001, Feng painted a seven-meter "Falun Gong" slogan on the right side of the gate of the Chinese Embassy in France at No.11, Avenue George V. Staff of the Embassy discovered his action and reported him to the police.

The prosecutor brought the case to the court for the charge of damaging property according to Article 322 of the French criminal law.

Paris Court for Important Case opened the court session on November 24, 2001. Feng asked for a delay on the excuse of healthy problem.

Embassy Building Protected

Lawyer of the Chinese Embassy pointed out at Wednesday's trial that embassy building is a public building, not a common property. Besides, it is the building for diplomatic institutions of a country that ought to be protected. It is incredible that the Chinese judiciary will brush off the case if some one paints slogan on the wall of the French Embassy in China. Therefore, the lawyer asked the court to uphold justice so as to maintain a normal social order and take every precaution to nip the same case in the bud.

Feng's lawyer also spook in defence of him at the court.

Spokesperson on Falun Gong Elements' Assault on China's Embassy in Canada

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Canada recently spoke about the event of Falun Gong elements' premeditated and organized pounding on the Chinese Embassy in Canada.
The pounding is an out-and-out premeditated and organized action. They failed in their attempt to make disruption and trouble, they passed themselves off as "victims" and acted in the way "vicious person cries foul first" in a vain attempt to befuddle public opinion.

About "Falun Gong"

As other evil cults in the world, Falun Gong not only incites its followers to commit suicides, but also instigates them to kill or injure others, thus bringing disasters to the victims and deep sorrow to the victims' families.

Though Li Hongzhi has with his "Zhuan Fa Lun" ("Turning the Law Wheel") all along styled himself as one embodying "truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance" yet from a multitude of facts one can see that Li Hongzhi shows not the least "truthfulness", "benevolence" or "forbearance". In spite of the fact he always speaks about "delivery" of people to heaven he has never shown the slightest sympathy for the lives and welfare of his followers. (Noted by A Fanatic Cruel Cult published by PD Online on August 2, 2000)

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Spokesperson on Falun Gong Elements' Assault on China's Embassy in Canada

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