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China to Build Highway to Link China and Thailand

Construction of a section of a highway, running from Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province, to Bangkok, Thailand, will start this year, sources announced Thursday in Kunming at a provincial meeting on transport work.
The Simao-Xiaomengyang highway section is 97 kilometers long. Its construction plan has been approved by the Chinese Ministry of Communications


Important Network in Asia

The Kunming-Bangkok highway, a high-grade road running through Laos, is an important part of a highway network to be built in Asia. The governments of China, Laos and Thailand signed an agreement to build the highway in the year 2000.

The section of the highway in Yunnan is 704 kilometers long, running from Kunming to Mohan port on the border between China and Laos. Most of the section has been upgraded or newly built.

Last Section to Be Completed in 2006

The last section of the Kunming-Bangkok highway in Yunnan, 211 kilometers long from Xiaomengyang to Mohan port, is expected to be completed by 2006, said Li Yuguang, director of the provincial traffic bureau.

Li disclosed that work on the Laos section of the Kunming-Bangkok highway, which will be built with the help of China, is expected to start next year.

Thailand, China, Laos to Push Forward "Asian Highway" Plan

Thailand, China and Laos have agreed in principle to go ahead with the construction of the "Asian Highway" plan that will connect road transportation of the three countries. It will benefit all three partner nations by the expansion of transportation facilities and the promotion of the tourism industry.

  • China Increases Highway Length

  • Some 32,000 kilometers of new highway across China will be added to the country's total mileage in 2001.

    China Claims 19,000 km Highway, Next Only to the US

    China's infrastructure construction has been developing rapidly. By the end of last year, the nation's total length of highway had reached 19,000 kilometers which, for the first time surpassed that of Canada and turning China into the world second biggest country in terms of highway mileage, next only to the US.

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    China Increases Highway Length

    China Claims 19,000 km Highway, Next Only to the US

    Thailand, China, Laos to Push Forward "Asian Highway" Plan


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