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Spokesperson on Falun Gong Elements' Assault on China's Embassy in Canada

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Canada recently spoke about the event of Falun Gong elements' premeditated and organized pounding on the Chinese Embassy in Canada.

The pounding is an out-and-out premeditated and organized action. They failed in their attempt to make disruption and trouble, they passed themselves off as "victims" and acted in the way "vicious person cries foul first" in a vain attempt to befuddle public opinion.


Photo Exhibition Held in Canada
It is reported that the Chinese Embassy in Canada held the "Anti-heresy, Safeguard Human Rights, Expose and Criticize 'Falun Gong'" photo exhibition and showed two movies on December 28, 2001.

More than 600 overseas Chinese and students from Ottawa and Montreal went to visit the exhibition.

'Falun Gong' Action Organized
The spokesperson pointed out that having learned of the news, the "Falun Gong" cult racked its brains in scheming obstructions. During the less than 24 hours before the exhibition opened, the embassy had received scores of threatening phone calls and a dozen or so intimidating letters from "Falun Gong" elements.

It is a sheer lie for the 'Falun Gong' elements to claim that they knew nothing beforehand about the embassy's plan to hold the exhibition. If they really "knew nothing beforehand", why did they bring with them cameras to see the movie? And why did they repeatedly try to break into the embassy under the leadership of "Falun Gong" chieftains--Li Xun, Dai Gongyu, Zhang Lingdi, and Wang Xueliang?

Legal Rights of Embassy
The above facts prove that the "Falun Gong" elements' pounding at the embassy is an out-and-out premeditated and organized action. As a diplomatic organ, the Chinese Embassy enjoys strict protection by the international law and Canadian laws. No one is allowed to enter the embassy without authorization, let alone pounding and damaging the embassy.

Some "Falun Gong" individuals intruded into the embassy and made public provocation and created trouble, and were thus severely denounced by overseas Chinese and students on the spot.

Chinese embassy staff ordered them to leave, which is the right of a diplomatic institution. The situation was totally not what the "Falun Gong" elements had lied about.

Ugly Features Exposed
The spokesperson said in concluding, in fact, some of the "Falun Gong" elements were taken away by the Canadian police. After they failed in their attempt to make disruption and trouble, they passed themselves off as "victims" and acted in the way "vicious person cries foul first" in a vain attempt to befuddle public opinion.

What the "Falun Gong" elements did has further exposed their ugly features of spreading rumors to mislead the people and disrupt the normal order.

As other evil cults in the world, Falun Gong not only incites its followers to commit suicides, but also instigates them to kill or injure others, thus bringing disasters to the victims and deep sorrow to the victims' families.

Though Li Hongzhi has with his "Zhuan Fa Lun" ("Turning the Law Wheel") all along styled himself as one embodying "truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance" yet from a multitude of facts one can see that Li Hongzhi shows not the least "truthfulness", "benevolence" or "forbearance". In spite of the fact he always speaks about "delivery" of people to heaven he has never shown the slightest sympathy for the lives and welfare of his followers. (Noted by A Fanatic Cruel Cult published by PD Online on August 2, 2000)

By February last year, the destructive cult has caused 1,660 deaths of its practitioners. in detail

The Chinese government is reeducating Falun Gong practitioners who have violated relevant laws within China's legal framework. A number of Falun Gong followers are put under reeducation through labor, not simply because they practiced Falun Gong, but because they have committed slight crimes of violating law and order.

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