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China, US Reach Consensus on Anti-Terrorism Issues

China and the United States reached "a broad ranging consensus" on a number of anti-terrorism issues in talks with visiting US Ambassador-at-large Francis Taylor, which ended Thursday. Both Chinese Foreign Ministry officials and Taylor agreed that terrorism severely threatens the peace and development and the international community take comprehensive measures to strike against any form of terrorism. Sino-US joint efforts are also necessary.


Broad Talks Held

Taylor, coordinator for anti-terrorism for the US State Department, arrived in Beijing Tuesday and met with Li Zhaoxing and Wang Yi, both vice ministers of foreign affairs, and Xiong Guangkai, deputy chief of general staff of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Taylor's Talk with Li Baodong Fruitful

In consultations between Li Baodong, director of the International Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, and Taylor, both exchanged views on the international and regional anti-terrorism situation, the Afghanistan situation and bilateral anti-terrorism cooperation, and reached a broad ranging consensus.

The consultation has been a further step in the consensus Chinese President Jiang Zemin and US President George Bush reached in Shanghai in October during anti-terrorism exchanges and cooperation.

  • International Efforts Expected

  • During the consultations, both sides reiterated that terrorism severely threatens the peace and development of the world, and the international community should, with joint efforts, take comprehensive measures to strike against any form of terrorism, with the United Nations and its Security Council playing an important role in this respect.

  • Sino-US Anti-terrorism Mechanism Conducive

  • Both sides agreed that the intensified anti-terrorism cooperation between China and the United States and the establishment of medium and long-term exchanges and cooperation mechanism on anti-terrorism between the two countries are in their common interest, conducive to the development of constructive cooperative relations between the two countries, as well as helpful to the advancement of international anti-terrorism cooperation.

    Both parties expressed satisfaction over the results of the talks and agreed to keep on with consultation, coordination and cooperation on anti-terrorism.

    Francis X. Taylor

    US Ambassador-at-large Francis Taylor, coordinator for anti-terrorism of the US State Department, arrived in Beijing for his two-day visit China on December 5-6. During the visit, Taylor exchange views on strengthening cooperation on anti-terrorism with Chinese officials.
    Francis X. Taylor was sworn in as the State Department Coordinator for Counter-terrorism with the rank of Ambassador at Large on July 13, 2001.

    Sino-US Exchange on Anti-Terrorism Issues

    China Supports Fight against Terrorism (October 19, 2001)

    On the anti-terrorism issue, Chinese President Jiang Zemin said during his talk with US President Bush that China has always been opposed to all forms of terrorism and always supports the fight against terrorism.

    The more accurate the strike against terrorists, the more effective the strike, said Jiang, adding that the fight against terrorism should avoid harming innocent people.

    Jiang said that a medium- and long-term mechanism for anti- terrorism cooperation may be established between China and the United States.

    US and China Hold Anti-terrorism Talks in Washington(September 25, 2001)

    The United States and China opened expert-level talks on combating terrorism, called in the wake of attacks on New York and the Pentagon.

    The US side at the talks was led by Thomas Maertens, director of regional affairs in the State Department's counter-terrorism bureau, an official said. China's delegation comprised officials from Beijing and members of its diplomatic corps in Washington, the official said on condition of anonymity.

    President George W. Bush and China's Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan agreed to co-operate on counter-terrorism measures when Tang was in Washington last week.


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