Last updated at: (Beijing Time) Friday, November 16, 2001

Premier Zhu Calls for Quicker Construction & Modernization of Tax System

Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji has called on the country's national tax administration to redouble efforts to carry out the work, known as the Golden Tax Project and to use information technology to crack down on tax evasion during his inspection in the State Administration of Taxation on November 14.


Achievements made in steady growth in tax revenues

During Zhu's inspection tour of the State Administration of Taxation earlier this week, the premier expressed his gratitude to tax collectors across the country for the steady growth in tax revenues in the past several years. Practical experience has proved that the Golden Tax Project is very important in decreasing crimes of fraud by using fake receipts and encouraging the enterprises to pay tax in accordance with related laws and regulations.

Modernization of tax system quite important

Zhu stressed to establish and further improve the system of socialist market economy by further transferring governmental functions and using information technology in implementing the Golden Tax Project. He asked governments and departments of different levels to attach great importance to the modernization of tax system.

Zhu also called for efforts to promote electronic public governance by government departments. He said information systems used by the country's customs, banks, foreign exchange administrations, police, foreign trade and tax departments should be linked so as to improve government work and enhance law enforcement.

Golden Tax Project to be improved

Zhu noted that more work should be done to further improve the second-phase project and to quicken the third-phase construction. Departments and institutions of different levels should attract more computer and management talents.

Greater efforts should be made in straightening out and regulating the orders of revenue payment, said Zhu. Related departments should keep on cracking down frauds on exports tax rebate and crimes of forging and sell VAT receipts so as to set up favorable revenue order.


The Golden Tax Project was launched in 1995 in a bid to establish a national computerized network and other advanced technology to crack down on fake invoices, such as the forged value added tax invoices.

The authentication, auditing and checking information management systems, as an important component of the Project, have been put into operation in the provinces across China beginning from July 1,2001. Since then, the auditing and checking systems had covered tax authorities at all levels nationwide through the Internet, and a nationwide value-added tax (VAT) monitoring system had been established across the country.


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