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Artistic Banquet

(People's Daily Online)

17:21, May 23, 2013

<font face='黑体'>It is true that delicacies are mouth-watering, but when presented in the form of art, they have become more of a rare treasure in the eye of the diner and even more of an art that needs to be carried on in the eye of the master chef. Chang’an eight-scenery banquet, dumpling banquet and Tang imperial court banquet all enjoy a great reputation. Each artistic dish with its distinctly brilliant color, pleasant smell and gorgeous taste brings the diner spiritual enjoyment beyond compare.

Chang’an Eight-Scenery Banquet
Just as its name suggests, Chang’an eight-scenery banquet is the reproduction of eight sceneries in ancient Chang’an made with various high-quality raw materials that are both edible and elaborately-looking. Giving the rein to their imagination, the master chefs reproduce on the plates eight exquisite sceneries of ancient Chang’an with such high-quality materials as fresh prawns, cuttlefish, tendons, pine seeds and soft-shelled turtle. The eight dishes represent either the stunning places of interest or anecdotes and legends about those places. Diners can not only have a seemingly vivid recollection of the places of interest in ancient Chang’an, but also taste the unique delicacies of Shaanxi cuisine.
Recommended restaurant: Xi’an Restaurant

Dumpling Banquet
Molding of the dumplings employs such techniques as dough modeling, sculpting, combing and embellishing. There are different shapes of flowers, birds, fish and insects, each a piece of artwork. Some of the dumplings on the dining table look like swimming goldfish, some look like bouncing bunnies, some like longevity peaches, and some pearls. More often than not, diners are filled with admiration of the superb skills with which they are made that they feel a pity to pop the artistically made dumplings into their mouths.
Recommended restaurants: Defachang Restaurant; Shaanxi Opera House

Tang Imperial Court Banquet
The dietary culture for the imperial court enjoys the highest form in Chinese dietary history. The imperial court diet culture passed down as a form of culture despite the imperial past. The imperial court banquet strives to give vivid expression to the fine imperial diets that are not only elaborate and rich in variety but accompanied by Tang style music and dance. It’s heaven tasting the divine and rare delicacies on such a banquet.
Recommended restaurant: The Tang Dynasty Xi’an

1. Dumpling Banquet
2. Imperial Court Banquet</font>

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