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Typical Shaanxi Cuisine

(People's Daily Online)

17:18, May 23, 2013

The essence of Shaanxi cuisine is the fresh and delicate taste, crispy and tender texture. Indulge yourself in the heaven of delicacies of the Chinese nation that are characterized by their good color, smell, taste, appearance and nutrition. A taste of the various traditional Shaanxi dishes is a taste of the culture of the ancient capital of 13 dynasties.

Hulu Chicken
Hulu Chicken is well known for its crispy skin, tender meat and robust flavor. What is highly hailed is that the whole roast chicken is easily split to pieces with chopsticks. It has such savory and lingering aftertaste that it is considered to be a rare dish among all the chicken dishes. It is highly acknowledged to be “the Best Taste in Chang’an” for its robust smell that fills up the room once it’s being brought to the dining table.

Lotus-Leaf Pork Fillet
Having been pounded to round thin slices, the fillet is then quick-boiled in clear soup. When it’s done, the floating fillet slices in the soup resemble lotus leaves dancing in the wind, hence the name.

Fish in Cream Soup
A traditional dish in Chang’an, Fish in Cream Soup is contained in a red copper pot and enjoys a long history of 1300 years. First appeared at the imperial court banquets, it was then served on official banquets and later spread among the common people till now. It is characterized by delicate fish, milky soup and savory taste.

Sliced Pork Kidney in Sauce
Evolved from the Tang-dynasty “Fried Shredded Mutton”, Sliced Pork Kidney in Sauce tastes crispy and tender. Spices like ginger, garlic and pepper gives out the very best in the kidney so that it has a richest flavor and most refreshing taste. Not only is it a side dish for drinking wine, but it also offers great health benefits.

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