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Shaanxi Tea

(People's Daily Online)

17:11, May 23, 2013

Qinba mountain area in Shaanxi Province has always been a renowned place for a large population of tea trees. Dated from the Western Zhou Dynasty, tea became widespread in the Tang and Song dynasties. This area was once one of the eight tea production areas. All being green tea, Shaanxi tea is also known as “Shaan Qing” (Shaanxi green tea). The most famous brand-name tea in Shaanxi include Huangu Maojian (Green Tip) in Ziyang, Sanliya Chaoqing in Pingli, Baihe Jianyuan Chaoqing, Wan’anzhai Chaoqing (Fried Green Tea) in Langao, Hangzong Xianhao, Wuzi Xianhao in Xixiang, Dingjun Mingmei, Ningqiang Queshe (Sparrow Tongue), and Huangyun Cuizhu (Green Bamboo), etc.. Tea in Shangnan area is a rising star with more than 20 varieties in four categories including Shangnan Quanming, Zhenmei, Fuxi and Chaoqing. Together with “Shaan Qing”, they represent the best and most varied teas in Shaanxi Province.

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