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Oil painting exhibition unveils 'Jiangnan style' (2)  10:05, July 10, 2013  

"Sunset: Daxi'ao Village, Zhujiajian Town, Zhoushan City" (80cmX70cm), April 12, 2013. Chinese Australian oil painter Li Xiaozheng's new exhibition themed "Jiangnan Charm" opened on July 7 at the Roundness Art Gallery in Beijing's Songzhuang, the largest art zone in both China and the world. The exhibition features 28 artworks created by Li during his 34-day fieldtrip, between March and April of this year, to Jiangnan. ( Junmian)

Sometimes, the artist would venture out to climb onto the roof of an uncompleted building in order to find the best angle to observe the views he wanted to take into his paintings. Then he would simply stay there for several hours until he had completed the drawing.

Yingzi described the process as tiring and by no means easy since Xiaozheng is a painter fond of standing when drawing -- and additionally he had to drive to and from the different locations.

Nevertheless, the journey proved full of fun and joys. What we have experienced, as well as the help we got from the local residents and our friends, will surely become one of the most precious memories in our life, Yingzi said.

Li has a pair of eyes trained to find the beauty within everyday life. The poetic artist is used to drawing from nature rather than from pictures. He mainly conveys to his viewers his conceptions of and thoughts on the seasonal changes, nature's beauty and life's greatness.

Li has thus far completed nearly 3,000 paintings throughout his life, with many of them bought and reserved by his followers from home and away.

He has stayed true to his personnel statement of nearly 40 years that "Painting is in my life the most common and irrevocable presence."

Venue: Roundness Art Gallery, Roundness Art Community, Songzhuang, Beijing

Duration: July 7-August 26, 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m. (Tuesday to Sunday)

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