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Teaching diary (4)

People's Daily Online)  14:00, July 04, 2013  

A 15-year-old boy falls asleep after the night shift in a restaurant's dormitory in Xi'an. His arm was wrapped in gauze because of scald caused by working. (Photo/China Youth Daily)

Sept. 15. 2012: Seven students did not attend class today. So we had an additional mission to persuade the students to go back to school door to door. In fact, few children here dropped out of school because of poverty. The school was totally free and provided free lunch in addition.

Yu and I had visited 21 students' families in a week and only brought back three children. 80 percent of the school-age children in Xinmin town were taken care of by grandparents. The parents were working in cities. Without parental education, they often lacked the interest in study. A lot of them thought that without education, they could still earn a living in cities like their parents.

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