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Travel guide for Dragon Boat Festival (8)  14:09, June 09, 2013  

Kangxi Grassland, Beijing (

8. Kangxi Grassland, Beijing

Situated to the west of Badaling Great Wall, Yanqing County, Kangxi Grassland is sandwiched between Haituo Mountain and Guanting Reservoir. Covering an area of about 22 square kilometers, it is the largest grassland in Beijing. About 80 kilometers away from downtown, the grassland is a wonderful place for people to go out and get some fresh air. When summer comes, grasses begin to flourish and flowers start to bloom. It's the best time to escape from the city's chaos and relax. There are various interesting activities in the grassland, including horseback riding, camelback riding, boating, fishing and skating. Visitors can also have a taste of Inner Mongolia’s lifestyle, complete with yurts, Mongolian song, dance, milk tea, kumiss, cheeses and roast rabbit and goat.

Travel tips:

Admission: 30 yuan

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00

Getting there: 919 branch line (Deshengmen-Kangxi Grassland)

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