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Stars Promote Horror Film "Curse" at 3rd BJIFF (3)

CRI Online)  14:37, April 17, 2013  

Actress Kong Qianqian attends the launch of the trailer of new movie "Curse" at the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival at the China National Convention Center on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013. [ Linruo]

"Curse" is a thriller about the mysterious murder of the wife of an emotionally unstable radio host (portrayed by Dai Liren) in an aquarium. A mysterious phone call asking for answers is soon made to his radio station. At the same time, the radio host is put under threat by his deceased wife's lover, while his son is attacked in an accident and his daughter's life also becomes threatened.

It becomes clear that these events are not just accidents, but something more. New impulses soon start taking over the family members and the radio host's life and career begins to fall apart. He must solve the mystery and break the curse before it completely consumes everything in his life.

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