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Highlights on March 3: Classic snap-shots at the annual political sessions 2013 (2)

People's Daily Online)  18:29, March 04, 2013  

Highlights on March 3: Classic snap-shots at the annual political sessions 2013 (2)

The first session of 12th CPPCC National Committee opens in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing at 3 p.m. on March 3, 2013. Some newly appointed star committee members attended the session in low-key style.

“Director Chen, did you watch the recent movies? Do you think it is possible that one of your movies can win the Oscar award?” a journalist asked the new CPPCC member Chen Kaige. Chen said what he focused on is the air pollution issue, an issue demands the whole society to work out. When asked about children’s education, Chen said that it is important to take the education for children seriously.

Mo Yan, the Nobel Prize winner, is the superstar among this year’s celebrity members. Though being surrounded by many journalists, Mo Yan, who is so good at telling stories, said no words. Yao Ming, another low-profile sport star CPPCC member, did not take any interview.

Different from other celebrity members, Zhao Benshan who was wearing a peak cap stood out among people. After being enclosed by journalists, Zhao made straight into the theme: “This year’s proposal is about the countrysides, such as education, medical care, pollution and culture issues in the countrysides.”

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