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Standout architecture in Tunxi ancient town, China's Anhui (2)

CRI Online)  13:47, February 05, 2013  

The central intersection of Tunxi Ancient Street in Anhui Province's Huangshan. ( Wang)

Vendors on the street compete to sell their burning hot chili sauces. The pungent smell of the fresh peppers wafts out of the buckets where they are chopped and crushed by hand. For those less inclined toward fire, a broad selection of local homemade pickles is hawked alongside the chilies.

Of course, the main draw in Tunxi is the architecture itself. The Hui-style architecture is impeccable, characterized by high white walls topped with black stone tiles. Horse head carvings top each wall, their noses gently raised toward the sky in unison.

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(Editor:DuMingming、Ye Xin)


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