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Cities with highest life quality in the world (10)

People's Daily Online)  08:25, December 07, 2012

Munich, Germany (Xinhua/Ma Ning)

Edited and translated by Li Xiang, People's Daily Online

Vienna, capital of Austria, has the world’s best quality of life, an annual survey by an American counseling agency shows. The research looks into 39 factors, including the political stability, medical service, education, criminal circumstance, entertainment and transportation.

Vienna has been on top of the list for four years in a row. Switzerland and Germany respectively have three cities in the top ten cities, with Zurich, Geneva, Berne ranking the second, the eighth and the tenth; Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt rank the fourth, the sixth and the seventh.

A staff of the agency said, “Generally, Europe as an alliance has increasing stability, lifted life standard and developed city infrastructure, therefore European cities can maintain high equality lives.”

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