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Xi encourages villagers to vitalize rural areas
President Xi Jinping has encouraged villagers living deep in the mountains in east China's Fujian Province to continuously forge ahead and vitalize the rural areas.
U.S. decision to label China currency manipulator totally wrong: PBOC
China has never resorted to competitive devaluation and will not use currency as a tool for competition.
Seven decades of Inner Mongolia: China’s development through our eyes
To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China, we’ve interviewed seven people living here, aged between 13 and 77.
Planting herbs in China's 'water tower': Alleviating poverty the ecological way
By 2020, China aims to eradicate poverty to build a moderately prosperous society.
Celebrate Qixi Festival with your loved ones
The Double Seventh Festival, or Qixi Festival, is considered to be the most romantic of traditional Chinese festivals, earning it the title of "Chinese Valentine's Day."
Milk tea becomes increasingly popular in China
China reportedly housed more than 400,000 milk tea stores by the end of 2018. On Chinese social media, many people call milk tea a “life-saving beverage”.
US risks losing face and billions of dollars by failing to keep its word
The US decision to escalate trade tensions was grade-A dumb and sends a message that the United States cannot be trusted.

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