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Do not Overreact to US Move to Halt China’s Fox Hunt Operation: Researcher

By Liu Rong (People's Daily Online)    05:23, August 22, 2015


A Chinese researcher suggested the government not to overreact to recent US move to halt China’s “Fox Hunt” operations in the United States, calling for closer cooperation with the United States in joint efforts to combat corrupt officials hiding in America.

Qi Hao, assistant researcher with Institute of American Studies under Chinese Academy of Social Sciences made the statement in a commentary published on haiwainet.cn on Friday.

He was pointing to recent Chinese government’s reaction toward Obama administration‘s warning against China’s secret agents activities in the United States to hunt for corrupt officials on the blacklist.

China has been accusing US for not keeping its promise to cooperate with China in its efforts in combating corruption.

In April 2015, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson met Chinese Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun in Beijing, and they agreed to strengthen cooperation in law enforcement.

They also agreed not to provide shelter for the other side's fugitives and would try to repatriate them in accordance with law.

Specifically, Johnson also promised to actively support China's "Sky Net" and "Fox Hunt" operations, which aim to bring back corrupt officials.

Qi pointed out that some unidentified US officials had said that their government cannot accept two facts regarding the Fox Hunt operation: the secret Chinese police came to the country using tourists or business visas and China has not provided enough evidences for them to cooperate with the hunt down.

Objectively, the US reasons are mainly based on technical issues, Qi said, adding that there is no need for the Chinese government to over interpret the reasons behind Obama administration’s change of position before both sides reach agreement in dealing these specific issues.

Actually, China and United States share many interests in combatting corruption. For one thing , the anti-corruption campaign can bring a fairer and more transparent investment environment, thus better protecting US companies’ investment in China and their economic interests.

For another reason, the joint effort in combatting corruption in China also will improve the image of the United States which always claim it never is a “safe haven” for foreign criminals.

Thirdly, the States doesn't want to see these economic fugitives to disturb its own normal social and economic order by bringing huge amount of illegal money to its country .

For the above three reasons, the two countries had already cooperated well in the past year to prosecute Chinese corrupt officials hiding in America.

People from the States came to China to collect evidences for the prosecution and China gave adequate support to their efforts.

That was why some corrupt officials already are facing charges in America, Qi pointed out .

The diversity of its national interests and different stance toward China among American politicians make it inevitable for the United States to show a “self-contradicting “position sometimes.

China needs to work more efficiently to cooperate with the States in specific areas and apply its goal better with the American legal system

Additionally, China should also adjust its overly high expectation of American government‘s support in China’s anti-corruption campaign. 

(This article was translated and edited from 《不必过分解读美国叫停中国“猎狐行动》by Qi Hao. http://opinion.haiwainet.cn/n/2015/0821/c353596-29083190.html)

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