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Sunday, February 13, 2000, updated at 10:05(GMT+8)
World Arab Parliamentary Union Slams Israeli Attacks

Ahmed Fathi Sorour, chairman of the Arab Parliamentary Union (APU), on Saturday issued a statement saying Israeli attacks in Lebanon "has dealt the peace process a fatal blow."

The Israeli "aggression could torpedo the whole process and end it for good," said Sorour, who is Egypt's parliament speaker.

"The aggression has torn all masks off the real face of Israel, stripped it of all credibility and explicitly exposed its hostility to peace and its dues," said sorour, quoted by the Middle East News


Israeli warplanes launched air raids against Lebanese infrastructure and suspected Hezbollah positions, in retaliation for guerrilla attacks that killed seven Israeli soldiers in the past weeks.

Sorour urged all arab leaders and governments to surmount their cliches of condemnation and denouncements, declare practical solidarity with Lebanon in its struggle against Israeli attacks and

offer all forms of support to help the Lebanese people.

He said that Israel will certainly be disillusioned when it finds out that such an aggression will not stop nor intimidate the Lebanese "courageous" resistance which is blessed by all the Lebanese people.

He called on world parliaments to urge their governments take deterrent steps that would force the Israeli leadership to stop their attacks against Lebanon and to completely and unconditionally

pull out from south Lebanon.

Israel carved out a border strip in south Lebanon as so-called security zone in 1985, with the declared aim of protecting its north from guerrilla attacks.

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