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Monday, January 10, 2000, updated at 09:34(GMT+8)
Sports Results of Swimming World Cup in Hong Kong

Following are the results on the second and final day of the World Cup short-course swimming meet Hong Kong Leg Sunday:


50m freestyle:

1. Alexander Luederitz, Germany, 2. Richard Bera, Indonesia, 3. Edvaldo Silva Filho, Brazil

50m backstroke:

1. Felix Sutanto, Indonesia, 2. Fu Yong, China, 3. Nicolo Dell'andrea, Italy

100m butterfly:

1. Jin Hao, China, 2. Juan Veloz, Mexico, 3. Lodovic Depickere, France

100m breaststroke:

1. Simon Leighfield, Australia, 2. David Gustafsson, Sweden, 3. Jonathon Lewis, Britain

200m freestyle:

1. Bela Szabados, Hungary, 2. Chad Carvin, United States, 3. Moreno Gallina, Italy

200m individual medley:

1. Xie Xufeng, China, 2. Moreno Gallina, Italy, 3. Olivier Saminadin, France

200m backstroke:

1. Fu Yong, China, 2. Nicolo Dell'andrea, Italy, 3. Fong Lik Sun, Hong Kong, China

1500m freestyle:

1. Chad Carvin, United States, 2. Fabio Venturini, Italy, 3. Zheng Shibin, China


100m freestyle:

1. Yang Yu, China, 2. Li Jin, China, 3. Sun Dan, China

50m breaststroke:

1. Sylvia Gerasch, Britain, 2. Janne Schaefer, Germany, 3. Kelly Denner, Australia

400m individual medley:

1. Kristen Bradley, Canada, 2. Samantha Hunter, Britain, 3. Gemma Howells, Britain

400m freestyle:

1. Qin Caini, China, 2. Kelly Stefanyshyn, Canada, 3. Lin Chi Chan, Chinese Taipei

100m backstroke:

1. Erin Gammel, Canada, 2. Kelly Stefanyshyn, Canada, 3. Tsai Hiu Wai, Hong Kong, China

200m breaststroke:

1. Alicja Peczak, Poland, 2. Caroline Warren, Britain, 3. Sylvia Gerasch, Germany

100m individual medley:

1. Tammie Stone, United States, 2. Kristen Bradley, Canada, 3. Linnea Tossavainen, Sweden

200m butterfly:

1. Audrey Lacroix, Canada, 2. Julie Gravelle, Canada, 3. Gemma Howells, Britain

50m butterfly:

1. Marietta Uhle, Germany, 2. Jasmin Geisel, Australia, 3. Audrey Lacroix, Canada

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