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Truth About the Incident Has Come to Light

  By Our Commentator

  Today, our Newspaper, the People's Daily, publishes the article titled "Truth About 'April 25' Illegal Gathering Incident Engineered and Directed by Li Hongzhi Has Come to Light". Iron-clad facts have indicated that the large-scale illegal gathering incident on April 25 was a major political event carried out with aim, premeditation, organization and tactics to demonstrate against and put pressure on the Party and government, attempting to throw the whole country into chaos. Through this incident people can have a clearer sight of the ugly features of Li Hongzhi and see more clearly the sinister political conspiracy of the "Falun Gong" organization. Any sophistry and denial by Li Hongzhi are futile.

  Li Hongzhi quibbled that "I know nothing about beforehand" the 'April 25' illegal gathering incident. The fact is that Li Hongzhi was the plotter, organizer and director of this incident. He not only conspired for disturbances with chiefs of the "Falun Gong" organizations in Beijing, but from beginning to end manipulated the development of the situation. Like the scores of incidents created by "Falun Gong" in other cities by gathering crowds of people to make trouble, Li Hongzhi was the chief plotter.

  Li Hongzhi professed that he "shows no interest in politics", he did not participate in politics, but only preached "Fa", or "the magic art of Falun Gong". The fact is that preaching "Fa" and practicing "Gong" are only superficial phenomenon, the essence is establishing illegal organizations, spreading rumors to mislead people, creating disturbances to rival the Party and government. Despite the repeated sieges laid to Party and government organizations and information departments, Li Hongzhi thought it to be not enough, he instigated practitioners "to go to the Party Central Committee and the State Council" and even besieged Zhongnanhai, (the headquarters of the Party Central Committee and the State Council) for a whole day. What is more, Li forced the government to recognize "Falun Gong" as a legal organization. This not only is the practice of ordinary politic, but also conspiratorial politic attempting to create turmoil and subvert the government.

  Li Hongzhi claimed that "Falun Gong" had no organization. Facts prove that "Falun Gong" not only has organization, but also has a very compact organizational system. More than 10,000 "Falun Gong" practitioners coming from across the country gathered together overnight to lay siege to Zhongnanhai, their rapid action, unified statement and surreptitious advance and retreat have fully showed that the "Falun Gong" organization has become a reactionary organization that closely integrates plotting, mobilization, direction, operation and implementation.

  What is pseudo is after all false, all disguises should be stripped away. The host of facts that have been revealed show that Li Hongzhi and his "Falun Gong" organization are the malignant tumor of society and the scourge of the people. The fallacies Li Hongzhi advocated and the series of illegal activities organized by "Falung Gong" have fully laid bare their anti-scientific, anti-humanity, anti-society and anti-government essence. For the overwhelming majority of "Falun Gong" practitioners, they are taken in for not knowing the evil intent of Li Hongzhi, and are the innocent victims. As long as they become aware of the truth of the matter, enhance their understanding, change their stand and draw a clear line of demarcation with the "Falun Gong" organization, they will be welcome by the Party and the government. But they must bear firmly in mind this lesson. For the vast number of cadres and masses, they should, through disclosing the inside story and truth about "Falun Gong", get a better understanding of the reactionary nature of and social harm done by "Falun Gong" and further come to realize that the central authorities' decision to tackle and solve the "Falun Gong" problem is entirely correct and in good time, thereby actively throwing themselves into the struggle to expose and criticize "Falun Gong".

  We must closely follow the Party Central Committee's plan, make further vigorous effort, follow up the victory with a hot pursuit, thoroughly destroy the "Falun Gone" organization and eradicate the pernicious influence of Li Hongzhi's fallacies, to seize the complete victory of this struggle.

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