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Fang Hongxiao: People's Loyal Guard

  As the winner of "May 4th Youth Medal" and the title of the first "Top 10 Loyal Guards of the Chinese Armed Police", 29-year-old Fang Hongxiao, in his life-and-death struggle with various hues of criminals, has created the image of a new generation of people's loyal guards with his boldness, insight and wisdom.

  Fang Hongxiao, who is on duty at the forefront of Kunming Railway Station, working in the special battlefield of anti-drug smuggling and attacking criminals, has sent more than 800 criminals into jails, each of the seven scars on his body represents an evidence of heart-stirring risk of his life. A criminal once threatened: you cut off the source of my wealth, I'll break your leg!" Fang, showing not the slightest fear, thought to himself: Since I've chosen the occupation of dealing with criminals, I should be standing like a sharp sword; even if I fall over, I'll become an insurmountable defense against the criminals.

  Seeing that the practice of intimidation is in vain, the criminals tried to use bribery by offering 100,000 yuan, an amount equivalent to a dozen years' income of Fang Hongxiao. However, from the day of putting on the police uniform, Fang has pledged: my sentry post means my position. Even if a hill of gold is sent to me, I'll never leave an opening to the criminals. In the past few years alone, Fang has rejected bribes worth as much as 100 million yuan. This failed, the drug smugglers tried to use a woman to ensnare Fang, but this too, proved of no avail.

  In Fang's eyes, standing sentry is like enforcing law, even if there are mountains of difficulties, we should not make fellow countrymen feel embarrassed. People are clear that it is because by their side is Fang Hongxiao, a guard loyal to the Party and the people, that there is tranquility and peace in their locality.


  Our Newspaper, the People's Daily, publishes a commentary, entitled " Song of Great Spirit Expressing Loyalty to Party and People", about Fang Hongxiao's words and deeds, which is highlighted as follows: Fang Hongxiao, leader of the squadron of the second detachment of the Yunnan General Unit of the Armed Police Force, has composed a song of righteousness with his loyalty to the Party and the people in the past nine years since he joined the armed police force.

  The armed police force, an important component part of the State's armed force, shoulders an important responsibility for safeguarding state security and social stability. The broad masses of officers and men, in their respective posts, have been working hard, been faithful in the performance of their duties and standing sentry in a civilized manner. At the critical juncture when the State interests and people's lives and property are subject to serious threat, they courageously stepped forward and have thus made contribution to safeguarding State security and social stability, there has emerged a batch of advanced units and typical individuals. Fang Hongxiao is an outstanding representative of them. In the face of outrageous and ferocious scoundrels, Fang disregards his own safety and shows not the slightest fear; in the face of seduction of money and beauty, he remains uncontaminated, maintains his dignity and honor; in the face of the masses encountering temporary difficulties, he gives them generous, warmhearted assistance. He is really worthy of the name of a guard loyal to the people.

  Fang Hongxiao has grown up into a loyal guard of the people, this is attributed to the education of the Party and Youth League organizations, the solicitude of the leaders, the help extended by officers and soldiers around him, but the main reason is due to his own efforts. He studies hard, he strives to strengthen study and engage in practice in accordance with the Party's requirements, and he has firmly established a correct outlook on the world, life and values. He is faithful to the cause of the Party and the people, he regards selfless contribution as his lifetime pursuit, he loves his work and is devoted to his career, practices hard to build up his ability to serve as guard of the people.

  We should follow the example of Comrade Fang Hongxiao, use his words and deeds as positive teaching materials and strengthen political and ideological construction, so as to further carry forward the Party's healthy practice.

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