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International Commentary: Political Solution will be Tortuous

  On June 11, the UN Security Council passed a resolution on the Kosovo issue. NATO temporarily halted its 78-day-bombing against Yugoslavia. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and many nations' newspapers believe that the peace process of the Kosovo issue has begun. The best wishes of the people is understandable, however, various phenomena shows that the political solution to the Kosovo issue will have twists and turns.

  By the end of the peace talks in Rambouillet, Yugoslavia and the international community had been seeking a political solution to the Kosovo issue. The negotiation is difficult, but so long as all sides concerned abide by the norms of international laws, on the basis of fairness and impartiality, any problem can be solved.

  However, US-led NATO wants to overwhelm Yugoslavia and achieve the thing they cannot get from the negotiating table, so that they wantonly bombed Yugoslavia without the authorization of the United Nations. NATO's air strikes interrupted the process of a political solution of the Kosovo issue.

  However, bombing did not bring Yugoslavia to its knees, meanwhile it sparked a new international tension and NATO's internal contradictions It is hard for NATO to continue this war. Under this circumstance, all sides reached a compromise through Russia's mediation, and on the premise of the NATO's suspension of it bombing, the UN Security Council passed a draft solution on the Kosovo crisis.

  In the final analysis, the Kosovo issue is Yugoslavia's internal affairs, which in the end will be solved by its people gradually. NATO's military intervention encourages and connives at the Kosovo separatist forces. In the past few days, NATO's troops marched into Kosovo, which makes this region being separated from Yugoslavia.

  According to the peace agreement, Yugoslavia's territorial integrity must be guaranteed and the illegal army of ethnic Albanian must stop its actions and be disarmed. If these provisions cannot be implemented, they will not only possibly become the biggest obstacle to solving the Kosovo issue but will make the Balkan situation more turbulent.

  Russia has been guarding against NATO's eastern expansion as well as its strategic attempt in Europe. In order to keep Nato's expansion within limits, Russia has played a significant role in the mediating process for peace. US-led NATO has to impose Russia's effort, however, he is not willing to see Russia playing too important a role in solving the Kosove issue. Hence the reason why NATO would not leave a separate space for Russia while dividing sectors to be controlled by foreign allies. But to NATO's surprise Russia sent troops to Kosovo and occupied Pristina's airport in advance. Russia just showed his determination to hold NATO down and give Russia itself a full play. Though the negotiations between NATO and Russia is not easy, it's still of vital importance to solving the Kosove issue.

  Of course, the biggest obstacle to the political solution is that US-led NATO sticks to Power-politics. And US President Clinton claimed the peace is resulted from Nato's aggression against Yugoslavia! He is still advocating that " Human rights stands over sovereignty", even invasion is reasonable. Actually, so long as hegemony and power politics exist, there couldn't be any peace in Yugoslavia and the world will be shadowed in aggressive war.

  The crisis directed by US-led NATO has passed temporarily. However, the road to peaceful solution of Kosovo issue is long and tortuous. Boasting force and trampling on the principles of UN's Charter willfully plus ignoring international laws and the guideline of international relationships might only bring people massive disasters. People all over the world have learned it better through the just ended war in Yugoslavia.

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