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Chinese, Indian Foreign Ministers Hold Talks

  Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said on June 14 that stable, normal and friendly Sino-Indian relations are not only in the fundamental interests of people of the two countries but will also be conducive to promoting peace, stability and development in Asia and the world at large.

  Tang made the remarks during talks with Indian Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh.

  He said that Sino-Indian relations have entered a process of improvement and added that Singh's ongoing visit to China is an important step in the process.

  The Chinese foreign minister said the prerequisite for the growth of Sino-Indian relations is that both countries do not regard each other as a threat. He said that the development of bilateral relations should be based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence initiated by the older generation of leaders in the two nations.

  "We are pleased to see that China and India have reached a common understanding in this regard," said Tang.

  He described India as an important neighbor and said developing good-neighborly relations of friendly cooperation with India is one of China's basic national policies.

  China and India both face the profound changes taking place in the international situation. The two countries share a vast common understanding of the need to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries and establishing a just and reasonable international order in terms of both politics and economics.

  Singh reiterated that the Indian government does not view China as a threat. He said that the Indian government's basic policy is to develop good-neighborly relations of friendship with China. He said Indian leaders and the government have high expectations for the visit and hope that the process for improving bilateral relations will continue.

  Singh expressed the hope that the two countries will strengthen consultations and cooperation in regional and international affairs.

  The two ministers also exchanged views on international and regional issues of common concern. (Xinhua)

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