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Petition Letter Bureau Official's Talks With Falungong Visitors

  An official of the Petition Letter Bureau under the General Office of the CPC Central Party Committee and the General Office of the State Council recently had a talk with falungong visitors, following are the main points of the talk:

  I. Recently, some falungong practitioners, with ulterior motives, have spread various rumors, their aim is to incite those falungong practitioner, who are unaware of the truth, to hold massive gathering, provoke incidents, create confusion and undermine social stability.

  II. The attitude of the Party and government toward normal exercise and fit-in activities has been very clear, that is, governments at all levels have never prohibited such exercises and activities; people have the freedom to believe in or not to believe in and practice a certain kind of exercise; and it is only normal when there are different views and opinions.

  III. Governing the country according to law and building up a socialist country under the rule of law are the goal set by the Party's 15th National Congress and are the common aspirations of the people of all nationalities of the country, and

  IV. People of all ethnic groups of the country should cherish the hard-won political situation characterized by stability and unity, and jointly do a good job in maintaining social stability.

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