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Hu Jintao Meets With Ghanaian Visitors

  Chinese Vice-President Hu Jintao said in Beijing on June 14 that China is ready to work together with Ghana to build a long-term, stable and cooperative Sino-Ghanaian relationship geared to the next century.

  He made the remarks during a meeting with a delegation from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of Ghana led by NDC General Secretary Huudu Yahaya.

  Hu, also a member of the Political Bureau Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), recalled his visit to Ghana early this year, saying that Sino- Ghanaian friendly ties, fostered by the leaders of the two countries over a long period, have been rooted in the hearts of peoples of both countries.

  It is the common aspiration of the two countries and peoples to consolidate and develop Sino-Ghanaian traditional friendship and boost bilateral friendly cooperation, Hu added.

  He went on to say that the CPC values its ties with the political parties in African countries including the NDC and hopes to increase the friendly cooperation with these parties on the basis of independence, equality, mutual respect and non- interference in each other's internal affairs.

  The present China tour by the delegation would surely increase the mutual understanding and friendship between the CPC and NDC, Hu noted.

  Yahaya told Hu that he was much impressed by China's great achievements in reform and opening up. The delegation is quite inspired by China's rapid development, he said, adding that the NDC hopes to reinforce its ties with CPC to further advance the relations between the two countries.

  Yahaya said that African countries and China are facing the same task of development. The two sides should overcome the geographic distance and strengthen cooperation to work for the establishment of a new international order.

  The NDC delegation is here on a visit at the invitation of the CPC. (Xinhua)

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