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Three Chinese Nurses Receive Nightingale Awards

  Chinese President Jiang Zemin, honorary chairman of the Chinese Red Cross Society (CRCS), on June 14 awarded Nightingale medals to three Chinese nurses -- Zeng Xiyuan, Wang Guiying and Qin Lijun.

  Vice-Premier Li Lanqing attended the award presenting conference sponsored by the CRCS and congratulated the winners on behalf of the State Council. He expressed heartfelt regards for the dedicated work of nurses throughout the nation.

  He noted that 21 people from 12 countries, including the three Chinese nurses, won the 37th Nightingale Awards presented by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

  Li praised nurses and Red Cross organizations who have played an exemplary humanitarian role in helping people in need, especially those involved in natural disaster and accidents. He cited the important role local Red Cross chapters at all levels played in assisting Chinese flood victim during last summer's serious flooding.

  Li also noted the important role nurses played in returning diplomats injured during last month's US-led NATO attack on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

  Florence Nightingale, a national heroine in the United Kingdom, was the pioneer of the modern nursing. The Nightingale Award, established at the Ninth International Red Cross Conference in Washington in 1912, is presented every two years.

  Zeng has worked as a nurse for 48 years and is currently chairperson of the Chinese Nursing Society. Wang, a nurse for 60 years, chairs the Tianjin Municipal Nursing Society. Qin, director of nursing at the Chinese People's Liberation Army Hospital, has 40 years experience in the nursing field. (Xinhua)

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