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Chinese, Central African Presidents Hold Talks

  Chinese President Jiang Zemin held talks with Central African President Ange-Felix Patasse on the afternoon of June 14 in the Great Hall of People in Beijing.

  Jiang praised Patasse's contributions to the restoration and growth of bilateral relations and expressed his belief that the Central African leader's current state visit to China will have a positive impact on further promoting bilateral relations.

  Patasse voiced gratitude for the hospitality of the Chinese government and people. He said the visit demonstrates the Central African government's firm willingness to develop friendly relations of cooperation with China. He said he believed the visit will enhance bilateral ties and friendship between the people of the two nations.

  Jiang said bilateral relations have fully recovered and developed since the two countries resumed diplomatic relations in January 1998.

  He pointed to the gradual improvement in the two countries' exchanges and cooperation in all fields, including the political, economic and trade, education and healthcare areas. People in the two countries also enhanced their friendship, said Jiang, adding that China is satisfied with the scale of growth.

  He also expressed appreciation for Central Africa's adherence to the "one China" policy.The Chinese government is fully prepared to proceed on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and is willing to join the Central African government in a concerted effort to expand contacts and carry forward healthy and dynamic bilateral relations into the 21st century, said Jiang. He said that under Patasse's leadership the Central African government and people have worked diligently to maintain social stability, achieve national reconciliation and promote economic development. The results of related efforts are obvious, said Jiang.

  The Chinese leader expressed appreciation for Central Africa's foreign policy of good-neighborly relations, opposition to outside intervention, stance advocating the peaceful resolution of regional conflicts and active participation in regional cooperation.

  "Unremitting efforts will enable the Central African government and its people to overcome temporary difficulties and achieve economic revitalization," he added.

  Jiang also briefed Patasse on the current situation in China. Patasse said the two nations have enhanced mutual understanding and achieved tangible cooperative results in spite of the vast geographical separation.

  The Central African leader expressed gratitude for the assistance the Chinese government and people have provided his country in its efforts to realize peace and national reconciliation, as well as economic development.

  He reiterated Central Africa's stance on firmly observing the principles set forth in the communique on the formation of diplomatic relations between the two countries and strict adherence to the "one China" policy.

  He also congratulated Jiang for China's achievements in reform and opening up, and expressed his appreciation for China's devotion to peace and development in international affairs. Jiang said that the two countries' cooperation in the realm of economics and trade has witnessed rapid recovery and development.

  The Chinese government encourages competent and credible enterprises and corporations to carry out cooperative ventures in Central Africa on the basis of mutual benefit, said Jiang.

  New fields, methods and means should be explored in this regard, according to the Chinese leader.

  Jiang also expressed hope that enterprises of the two countries would contribute to the development of economic and trade cooperation.

  Patasse expressed his belief that economic and trade cooperation between the two countries offers vast potential and broad prospects.

  Patasse added that Central Africa welcomes investments by Chinese enterprises.

  "The common aspiration and goal for African people is to achieve peace, stability and development," said Jiang. He said that African countries have actively explored development patterns suited to their respective national conditions and have paid attention to unity in order enhance their ability to maintain regional peace and stability, and advance regional economic integration.

  The African continent offers abundant resources and vast market potentials, according to the Chinese leader. Africa will offer great promise by following the track of stability and development, he said.

  He said the Chinese government has always attached great importance to Africa. The enhancement and development of solidarity and cooperation between China and all developing countries, including African countries, is an important part of China's independent foreign policy of peace, said Jiang.

  China is willing to join African countries in a concerted effort to promote the growth of a stable, friendly, sincere, cooperative and future-oriented relationship he stressed.

  Patasse noted the world has witnessed profound changes, with a number of unstable factors in international relations posing serious challenges to developing countries. He noted that all developing countries must respond to the circumstances by strengthening unity and cooperation. The two leaders also attended a signing ceremony for agreements on economic and technological cooperation and the establishment of a mixed economic and trade cooperative committee. (Xinhua)

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