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International Figure Skating Stars Shine on Beijing Stage

CRI Online)  08:44, June 17, 2013  

Alissa Czisny, an American figure skater (center), speaks to the media in Beijing on Saturday, June 15, 2013, before her performance to "Moon River" played by Ukrainian composer and violinist Edvin Marton at the 2013 "Artistry on Ice" show. (Photo:/

Some of the world's most prominent figure-skating stars are performaing at their last stop of the 2013 "Artistry on Ice" show in Beijing Sunday night.

Alissa Czisny, an American figure skater known for her excellent spins during ice dancing, said she was excited to be performing to the accompaniment of Ukrainian composer and violinist Edvin Marton.

"And I think it's an amazing experience for...the show, being kind of a great cast. This is the first time I skated to a live performer with Edvin Marton and we made a last-minute decision. He's is out on the ice with me for 'Moon River.' And it's just great to be out on the ice with someone else."

According to their rehearsals before the Sunday show, Czisny was to dance to the melody "Moon River" played by Marton.
Another specialty of Sunday evening's show was a German figure skating pair who will perform on ice that appears to be desert with the application of special 3D lighting effects.

Robin Szolkowy earlier talked about how it feels to "skate on sand" at a press conference.

"I'm in all these amazing lights. And there is some sand on the ice, but not real sand. It's just with the lights...It brings another touch to this program. And I'm pretty sure you'll like it."

With partner Aliona Savchenko, Szolkowy is a four-time ice-skating world champion, winning the 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 World Championships as well as a bronze medal in the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.

Beijing is the final stop for the 2013 "Artistry on Ice" show, which opened in Taipei and late moved to south China's Guangzhou and the eastern city of Shanghai.

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