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UPDATED: 14:20, June 25, 2004
China develops software stopping hijacked planes from crashing into buildings
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If the planes hijacked by terrorists on 9/11 had been installed with "anti-crash" software the outcome would have been different �C the system would take over the control of plane from the pilots with the radar intervening to prevent the crash from happening.

According to Tianfu Morning Paper, No.2 Research Institute of Civil Aviation Administration of China has developed a kind of safe, effective and low-cost software on April 14. The software can prevent planes from crashing into low altitude constructions or plane crashes, filling a blank in the field of low altitude safety technology of civil aviation worldwide.

The system is based on a special computer program whose key part is its precise data map including the geographical coordinates of every skyscrapers, mountain and potential obstruction on the earth. Its timely early-warning number can reach 128. According to the developer the system can prevent planes from entering no-fly zone and other restricted spaces.

The system can keep monitoring the position of a plane according to its actual map, indicating the dynamic information of various radar targets. If there is a possible crash object nearby, once the red light is on the equipment can give out sound and light warning to the pilot through radar within two seconds of the plane entering the space. If the pilot fails to receive the instruction radar will automatically intervene and take over the control of the plane.

By People's Daily Online

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