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With a long history, Lijiang is the economic and cultural center in the northwestern Yunnan, and the key commodity collection and distribution hub along the Southern Silk Route and the Ancient Tea-Horse Caravan Road leading to Tibet, India and other regions in the Han and Tang Dynasties.   

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Food & Drink

Brief introduction of find food of Lijiang

The major part of the food of Lijiang is the Naxi food.

Naxi formal banquet "three layers of water"

It is a formal banquet of the Naxi nationality

Hot pot of preserved pork ribs

It is a traditional local hot pot of Lijiang.

Chickpea jelly

Could be eaten whether it is cool or hot.

Dried Liver

It tastes fresh, cool and appetizing

Fruit meant and rice jelly

Famous snack of Lijiang and tastes fragrant and sweet.

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