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Shaanxi Folk Operas

(People's Daily Online)

15:05, May 24, 2013

Shaanxi folk operas arose long ago in the form of combining singing, dancing and drama together, and then developed by blending the artistic elements from other folk arts. The operas became even more popular as time went on, especially the Qinqiang and Handiao Operas. Nowadays, the folk operas are prevalent at nearly every place and on every stage in Shaanxi. The passionate performers introduce the native art of Shaanxi to the whole world.

Qinqiang Opera

Qinqiang Opera is very popular in northwest China for its rich artistry. It is highly expressive with unique tones to convey specific emotions and remains as one of the favorite operas of people in northwestern China.

Huagu Opera of Shangluo City

Huagu Opera is a cheerful and lively local opera enjoyed by Shangluo people. It prevails in counties like Zhen’an, Shanyang, Danfeng and Shangxian. Huagu Opera is necessary during Spring Festival celebrations of nearly every village. The time-honored opera serves as “the living fossil” to study the evolution of operas and has been inscribed on the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

① Qinqiang Opera
② Huagu Opera of Shangluo City

Laoqiang Opera of Huayin County

Laoqiang Opera derives from the local Shadow Puppet Show. It is straightforward, indigenous and native, free from the influence of modern Chinese art, and thus is reputed as “the living fossil of Chinese operas.”

Handiao Opera

Handiao Opera is very popular in southern Shaanxi. It developed from the Qinqiang Opera but with the accent of Hanzhong City. And thus it is passionate but also soft. The opera even involves over fifty stunts, amazing people not only by music but also by actions.

Meihu Opera

Meihu Opera is one of the major operas in Shaanxi. It is graceful, tender and rich in tunes, extremely expressive to convey sorrow and grief. As listeners are often fascinated by the opera, Meihu Opera gains another name as Mihu Opera (Opera of Fascination).

Shadow Puppet Show

Shadow Puppet Show is a traditional folk art popular in central Shaanxi. It maintains the features of the ancient storytelling art and is the origin of many other local operas in Shaanxi. The Leather Puppets used in the show are an unique design with exquisite lines and hollowed-out parts, presenting great decorative value and craftsmanship.

①Laoqiang Opera
②Handiao Opera
③Shadow Puppet Show

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