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Numerous Noodles in Shaanxi

(People's Daily Online)

14:38, May 20, 2013

A central Shaanxi folksong has it: “Dust drifts over the 800-Li central Shaanxi Basin, where 30 million Shaanxinese are singling the Qin Opera; they are overjoyed with a large bowl of wide noodles, yet would moan and groan severely if not given the oil-fried chili.” Shaanxi people are capable of making a wide variety of noodles out of flour, including oil-sprinkled noodles, Ma Shi, Biang Biang noodles, chopstick noodles, Qishan shaozi noodles, Qianxian chicken noodles, Yangling Noodles in Garlic Sauce, Wugong Soup Noodles, Dali Luchi Noodles (furnace tooth noodles), Yongshou Ritual Noodles, Heyang Ye Noodles, Sanyuan Geda Noodles, Huxian noodles with hot and sour soup, monkey-head noodles, noodles with pickled vegetable soup, green noodles, noodles served with thick gravy, stewed noodles, Shaved Noodles, chopped noodles cooked in rice porridge, cold noodles, hand-pulled noodles, hand-tilled noodles, fine noodles (dragon beard noodles), stick noodles and Qihua Noodles (flag-flower shaped noodles), etc.. When in Shaanxi, you are in a world of noodles where you can enjoy all different noodles for all three meals a day. The rich and varied assortment of noodles will surely bring a feast to both your eyes and your nose.

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