Management Organizations

China-Singapore Joint Steering Council (JSC)
JSC was formed under the Agreement on the Joint Development of Suzhou Industrial Park. As the top coordination body, the council is set to meet annually to review and tackle key issues in SIP development and adapting Singapore's experience.

Co-chaired by Chinese Vice Premier and Singapore Deputy Prime Minister, JSC consists of ministerial chiefs of the two countries, senior officials of Jiangsu provincial and Suzhou municipal governments and the head of Jurong Town Corporation of Singapore.

JSC has so far held four meetings, the first in Singapore, the second and third in Suzhou. The fourth meeting was convened in Sept. 1999 in SIP. The meeting endorsed the Memorandum of Understanding on Suzhou Industrial Park's Development signed by the Chinese and Singapore teams in June 1999. It also set the Park's development targets for the year 2000 to 2002 -- complete Phase I, realize initial prosperity and fine returns and continue the rolling development.

Joint Working Committee (JWC)
At the working level, JWC is co-chaired by Mayor of Suzhou and the Chairman of Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

JWC meets regularly to look into issues related to the Park's development and the transfer of Singapore software.

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Suzhou Industrial Park Co., Ltd. (SIPC)
SIPC (Chinese Consortium) consists of large and influential Chinese state-owned business groups and companies at national, provincial and municipal levels. It now holds 65 percent of the shares in CSSD, a joint venture between a Singapore-led consortium and a Chinese consortium.

SIPC Members:
l China National Cereals,Oils & Foodstuffs Import & Export
l China Great Wall Industrial Corp
l China Ocean Shipping(Group) Company
l China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation
l China National Chemicals Import & Export Corporation
l China Central Television
l China Huaneng Group
l China Orient Trust & Investment Company
l China National Technical Import &Export Corporation
l Jiangsu Intemational Trust & Investment Corporation
l China Agricultural Bank Finance Co.,Ltd.
l Suzhou Industrial Park Economic Development Co.,Ltd
l Suzhou Infrastructure Investment & Management Co.,Ltd.
l Suzhou New District Economic Development Group Head Co.

Singapore-Suzhou Township Development Co., Ltd. (SSTD)
SSTD (Singapore-led consortium), a driving force behind the SIP project, has brought Singapore's experience in developing and managing industrial parks to Suzhou.

With 24 members, it now holds 35 percent of the shares in CSSD. Among its shareholders are the Jurong Town Corporation -- Singapore's leading industrial park developer, and EDB - architect and lead promoter of Singapore's economic growth.

SSTD Members:
l CDL-Suzhou Investment Pte Ltd
l Lum Chang(Suzhou) Investments Pte Ltd
l Centrepoint Properties Ltd
l Mi-Mi Investment Singapore Pte Ltd
l EDB Investments Pte Ltd
l NTUC Co-operative Suzhou Investments Pte Ltd
l GE Capital Services Pte Ltd
l RMA-Land Development Pte Ltd
l Hong Lim Investments Pte Ltd
l Podamco B.V China
l Hua Ye Holdings Pte Ltd
l Samsung Corporation
l Huaten Investments & Development Pte Ltd
l SembCorp Parks Holdings Ltd
l JTC International Pte Ltd
l Shing Kwan Investment(Spore) Pte Ltd
l Keppel Corporation Limited
l SLF International Pte Ltd
l Keppel Land Ltd
l STIC Investments Pte Ltd
l KMP China Investments Pte Ltd
l Sum Cheong (China) Pte Ltd
l Liang Court Suzhou Investments Pte Ltd
l Wing Tai Holdings Limited

Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee (SIPAC)
SIPAC is the local authority set up to govern the 70 sq km China-Singapore cooperation area and the surrounding five townships of 186 sq km. Adhering to the principle of being streamlined, unified and efficient, SIPAC only has seven subordinate bureaus and nearly 120 employees, who are recruited openly from across the country.

Unlike the local authorities of other national development zones in China, which are responsible for both administration and development, SIPAC concentrates on natural resources regulation, administrative approval, pro-business services and coordination with related government departments or agencies at various levels.

SIPAC works closely with CSSD, the Park's main developer, on many aspects of SIP development and management. It is empowered by the State Council to provide a whole range of services in every stage from enterprise establishment, plant construction, labor recruitment to business operation. SIPAC has set up the One-stop Service Center to speed up the investment process and business services.

China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. (CSSD)

CSSD, a joint venture between a Singapore-led consortium and a Chinese consortium, is the tract land developer of SIP and the main marketing promoter of the SIP project.

In the past six years or so, CSSD ( has been actively involved in developing the Park's high standard infrastructure, transferring prepared land, attracting foreign investors into SIP and offering pro-business services along with SIPAC.