New Havens in Three Gorges Reservoir

Third Phase of the Three Gorges Project

No. 2 Power Generator at the Three Gorges Power Project Successfully Generates Power

Three Gorges Project Opens to Navigation

Trial Navigation via Three Gorges Ship Lock Begins

Trial Navigation via Three Gorges Ship Lock Begins

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The Three Gorges Project
Some sectors of the Three Gorges Dam Project have cost less than anticipated in the original budget. Meanwhile, the authorities responsible for the grand project have promised a low expense for project construction, but a high output of electricity at a low price level.
World's Largest Generator Connected to Power Grids

The first power generator of China's Three Gorges Project, the largest of its kind in the world, was connected to the power grid to begin generating electricity at 01:31 a.m. on Thursday morning, 20 days ahead of schedule.

Trial Operation of Three Gorges Generating Unit Ends

The trial operation of the first power generating unit of China's Three Gorges Project was completed successfully on Monday, beginning generating power for power grids.

Three Gorges Electricity Distribution Plan Decided

The Three Gorges Power Station will soon generate power. Sources from the Three Gorges Project say that the No 2 generating unit has completed all the water debugging processes; while the No 5 generating unit also has finished all tests before this unit is connected to the central China power grid, with the connecting test to begin very soon.

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Project Diagram
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