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CHTF 2005 will mobilize the entire area of the Center and that of the CHTF Exhibition Center, which add up to 135,500 square meters.

Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi visits China Hi-Tech Fair 2004 after she declares the opening of the annual event on Octo.12.

Chinese Commerce Minister Bo Xilai is surrounded by journalists from China's mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in his visit to China Hi-Tech Fair 2004 in Shenzhen. He answers questions raised by those reporters.

China Hi-Tech Fair 2005
What's on Increasing interest from overseas Pushing the frontier forward 
THE opening ceremony of the 7th CHTF 2005 will be staged at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the morning of Oct.12. At least 500,000 visits are expected to the CHTF.
UPDATED 11:34, October 20, 2005
CHTF Vows to Become China's "Top Show of Science and Technology"
China Hi-Tech Fair 2005 will open in the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center that has just been made fully operational. Shenzhen's executive vice mayor Liu Yingli said at a preparation conference for CHTF 2005 that this event should develop into China's "top show of science and technology," just as is required by the organizing parties.
Hi-tech fair attractive to foreign participants
"Attending the China Hi-Tech Fair is one of the most important tasks for us every year since 2000", said an official with the British Consulate-General Guangzhou.The number of overseas participants this year hit a record high.
Hi-tech fair, name card for Shenzhen
First launched in 1999, CHTF has prospered into a well-known international high-tech event to become the city's name card. It has become an important part in Shenzhen's social and economic development, as it will greatly enhance the city's comprehensive quality and increase the speed of buiding an international city, said Shenzhen Party Secretary Li Hongzhong.

German delegation from Bavaria attends all 7 CHTF

Discover Montpellier France

Canadian delegation's pavilion at CHTF

Belgium delegation's pavilion at CHTF

Poland delegation's big pavilion at CHTF

UK-China Partners in Science

EU-China Science & Technology Co-op

Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan declares the inauguration of the 7th China Hi-Tech Fair
  What's on  
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  • The 7th China Hi-Tech Fair closes   (11:09, October 20)
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  • The 7th CHTF to open Oct.12  (13:59, October 10)
  • CHTF 2005 to Stage "International Forum on Convention & Exhibition Economy"  (14:00, October 10)
  • Exhibition Booths Booked Out Again: All Zones at CHTF 2005 Overflowing  (14:02, October 10)
  • 200 Projects from Hunan Expected to Show Up in CHTF  (14:03, October 10)
  • CHTF Vows to Become China's "Top Show of Science and Technology"  (09:36, October 10)
      Increasing interest from overseas  
  • ECCU to set up office in Shenzhen (08:32, October 20)
  • Hi-tech fair attractive to foreign participants (18:30, October 19)
  • Xinjiang steps up trade ties with central Asian countries (18:17, October 18)
  • China-EU joint projects closer to the public (11:25, October 18)
  • European investors expecting Chinese opportunities (10:08, October 14)
  • Hitachi Group's "Modular Solutions" Makes High-profile Debut (13:13, October 12)
  • Galileo Project to be exhibited at hi-tech fair (17:56, October 10)
  • Oracle to Attend CHTF 2005  (14:03, October 10)
  • Euronext to Debut at CHTF  (09:35, October 10)
  • Number of Foreign Exhibitor Groups Sets a New Record  (09:36, October 10)
      Pushing the frontier forward  
  • Drive the car with a mobile  (18:10, October 19)
  • Local businesses' innovation  (18:09, October 19)
  • Achievements of biotech industry and research   (18:08, October 19)
  • Baosteel at CHTF  (18:07, October 19)
  • EU and Hitachi pavilions are popular at CHTF  (18:06, October 19)
  • Konka offers digital life  (18:05, October 19)
  • Winners of Taiwan Symbol of Excellence exhibited at CHTF  (17:43, October 18)
  • Glasses win competition  (17:42, October 18)
  • Innovations win HKEIA prizes  (17:42, October 18)
  • Hong Kong brings innovation to CHTF  (17:41, October 18)
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