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The anti-Fascist war between the 1930s and 1940s was the first just war of a global scale in human history. It ended in the Axis' unconditional surrender in 1945, 60 years ago. Over 2 billion people in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania (exceeding four-fifths of the world population at that time) were involved in the war... >>>

WWII Basic Facts
Two major fronts:
The countries that participated in the anti-fascist alliance were as follows: there were 50 participating countries including China, the Soviet Union, the US, Britain and France while the nations that joined the fascist group included 7 countries such as Germany, Italy and Japan.

Main battlefields:
(1) The Asian-Pacific Battlefield
(2) The European Battlefield
(3) The African Battlefield

China was the main battlefield against Japanese aggression. According to incomplete statistics, the Chinese casualties reached 35 million people under the butcher knife of the Japanese aggressive army. Calculated in accordance with the price ratio of 1937, the Japanese aggressors inflicted China direct economic losses valued at 100 billion US dollars with indirect economic losses estimated at 500 billion US dollars. The Chinese people suffered enormous national sacrifices and made important historical contribution to the victory of the Anti-Fascist war of the world.

The Soviet Union:
The Soviet Union was the main battlefield against the German fascists. The total losses of the Soviet Union accounted for 41 per cent of the total losses suffered by World War II participators. According to the statistics released by Russia, 8.67 million soldiers of the Soviet Union's Red Army died in action when defending their country during the period from 1941 to 1945 with the material losses reaching 679 billion roubles calculated according to the price of 1941.

The US and Britain:
The US and Britain were the key members of the anti-fascist alliance of the world. They paid great cost for the victory of the Anti-Fascist War. According to the data of the world's military history, more than 400,000 people of the US died in World War II while 270,000 British soldiers died in action during the war.

The Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) of the former Soviet Union against Fascist Germany and its allies was an important part of the World War II... >>>
60th anniversary of Anti-Fascist War
60th Anti-Japanese War Annivesary 60th WWII Anniversary Commentary and Opinion 
Chinese President Hu Jintao delivered a speech at a grand gathering held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, on September 3, 2005. (Xinhua photo)
UPDATED 11:02, September 12, 2005
China will never compromise in opposition to secessionist activities: President Hu
Chinese President Hu Jintao said Saturday in Beijing that China will never waver in its commitment to the one-China principle and never compromise in its opposition to secessionist activities.
China refreshes war memories for peace, future: President
Chinese President Hu Jintao said in Beijing Saturday that by holding the grand gathering to remember the war victory 60 years ago, China means to cherish peace and create a better future for the mankind.
People's Daily editorial marks victory of Anti-Japanese War
China's leading newspaper, People's Daily, publishes an editorial on Saturday to mark the 60th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-fascism War.
  60th Anti-Japanese War Annivesary
  • Flying Tigers Memorial Hall opens in central-south China (08:12, September 08)
  • President Hu urges Japan to face up to its war history (09:17, September 05)
  • People's Daily calls for effort for rejuvenation of Chinese nation (08:22, September 05)
  • Japanese media highlight China's war commemoration events (08:27, September 05)
  • CPPCC chairman underscores united front, national unification (08:24, September 05)
  • Chinese in Japan commemorate victory of war against Japanese aggression (08:15, September 05)
  • Senior CPC official calls for enhancing anti-Japanese war research (08:23, September 05)
  • CPPCC chairman meets Taiwan veterans in WWII (08:23, September 05)
  • Full-text: Chinese president's speech on war victory commemoration  (14:57, September 03)
  • Trials of history allows of no challenge, says Chinese president (14:44, September 03)
  • Grand gathering in Beijing to mark victory in war against Japanese aggression  (13:49, September 03)
  • Hu Jintao calls for unity of Chinese nation (13:24, September 03)
  • Hu Jintao says China pursues peaceful development  (13:28, September 03)
  • China will never compromise in opposition to secessionist activities: President Hu  (13:49, September 03)
  • China will focus on development: President Hu (12:43, September 03)
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      60th WWII Anniversary
  • Book commemorating US air service during WWII published (08:33, September 05)
  • WWII veterans visit NE China province (08:32, September 05)
  • War veterans, families recall history, express love to the China (08:25, September 05)
  • Remembering war to promote peaceful development (10:59, September 04)
  • Japan must draw lessons from invading history: Japanese veteran (09:55, September 04)
  • More than 700,000 Chinese veterans conffered memorial medals (10:19, September 04)
  • HK commemorates victory of Anti-Japanese War (10:17, September 04)
  • Chinese public commemorate war victory (09:27, September 04)
  • Reception held to mark victory of WWII (09:18, September 04)
  • Photo exhibit on anti-Japanese war opens in London (09:10, September 03)
  • Asia marks victory over fascist aggression (10:28, August 16)
  • Japanese oppositions denounce war to mark WWII anniversary (18:29, August 15)
  • S.Korean, DPRK civic delegates denounce Japan's distortion of history (16:33, August 15)
  • Japanese FM says ties with Asia can be improved despite Yasukuni issue (15:31, August 15)
  • Japanese emperor voices strong hope never to repeat war (16:36, August 15)
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      Commentary and Opinion
  • An opportunity for advancing toward national rejuvenation (17:40, September 05)
  • People's Daily editorial marks victory of Anti-Japanese War (09:21, September 03)
  • Taking history as the mirror to maintain lasting peace in Asia (14:14, August 19)
  • Still, we have to listen to his words and watch his deeds (19:00, August 16)
  • Japan should face up to wartime aggression (08:37, August 15)
  • Remember role in ending fascist war (08:35, August 15)
  • Commentary: Distortions on Aug. 15 untolerable (08:34, August 15)
  • CPC played a pivotal role in resisting Japanese agression: People's Daily (09:37, August 15)
  • War epics inspire remembrance (12:40, August 08)
  • Be on guard for right-wing forces in Japan: Chinese scholar (09:14, August 08)
  • Japan must face up to wartime past (12:47, July 20)
  • Take disaster as a mirror and history as a book (19:19, May 11)
  • Thoughts coming up amidst celebrations of victory (11:16, May 11)
  • Maintaining world peace and bringing about common development (08:22, May 10)
  • Germany's 60-year reflection on World War II (13:34, May 08)
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    War of Resistance Against Japan's Invasion
    The War in Brief
    On Sept. 18, 1931, Japanese troops provocatively destroyed a section of railway in north Shenyang and attacked the Chinese garrison at Beidaying, Shenyang, on the same night. This led to the "September 18th incident," which was followed by Japan's total occupation of China's northeast... >>>
    Crimes Against Humanity
    In addition to the horrors of "normal" war, the Chinese people were subjected during Japan's occupation of the country to atrocities... >>>
    Defending the Northeast
    The Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Army struggled for 14 years (1931 - 1945) at the rear of the Japanese invading forces... >>>
    The United Front
    Facing the threat of full-scale invasion, in late 1936 the Communist Party of China awakened the country to the urgent need for national unity... >>>
    Major Battles
    Millions of Chinese heroes sacrificed their lives to defend the nation and expel the invading forces. An estimated 3.2 million soldiers and 9.1 million civilians died in combat during the Anti-Japanese War... >>>
    Tokyo War Crimes Trials
    Twenty-eight defendants were put on trial, with seven sentenced to death and executed at Sugamo Prison in December 1948... >>>
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