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Foreign military officer holds wedding ceremony in Chinese style

Foreigners in China for Spring Festival

Beijing eases visa requirements for foreigeners

Shanghai police help foreigners prevent theft

Foreigners hear police work report

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Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met with foreign experts honored 2005 Friendship Awards and their families at the Great Hall of People in Beijing, September 30, 2005.
UPDATED 14:51, October 01, 2005
Fifty foreign experts honored Friendship Awards by Chinese governemnt
Fifty foreign experts from 21 countries were honored Friendship Awards Friday in Beijing by the Chinese government for their outstanding performances in China.
100,000 foreigners enjoy life in China
Gerhard Mairhofer, general manager of Shanghai Krupp Stainless Co., Ltd., considers working and living in Shanghai quite happy.

Foreigners get Chinese "green card"

Expats living in Chongqing apply for "green card"

"Green Card" for foreign experts

China begins to implement its own "Green Card" system
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  • Expats queue up for green cards  (09:26, March 17)
  • First Chinese textbook for "foreign housewives" debuts in Shanghai (16:09, February 22)
  • Lao Xi: China, my hometown (10:07, January 31)
  • I don't like to be called "laowai": Anna (18:15, January 25)
  • More foreigners come to Shanghai to seek employment (10:01, January 25)
  • Past and future of Xiushui Market (09:49, January 13)
  • 100,000 foreigners come to work in China (16:08, January 07)
  • Over 32,000 foreigners in Beijing hold residency permits (09:00, December 24)
  • Eleven foreigners receive Chinese "green cards" in Hangzhou   (09:29, November 09)
  • Foreigners welcome "green card" (10:20, October 07)
  • Standard charge set for a China Green Card  (20:34, September 23)
  • 28 foreigners given residency status in Beijing (09:00, September 22)
  • Wuhan starts to grant foreigners Chinese "green card" (15:57, September 15)
  • Famous Chinese-American mathematician applies for "Green Card" of China (14:55, September 07)
  • Shaanxi begins issuing "green cards" (08:20, September 01)
  • Expats living in Chongqing apply for "green card"  (15:16, August 26)
  • Beijing issues 'green cards' to foreigners  (10:43, August 24)
  • Foreign experts in Beijing to get "Green Card"   (09:38, August 24)
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