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*China published a white paper on national defense on Dec. 27, 2004, the fifth of its kind since 1995.

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An armaments airdrop support exercise (PLA Daily)

Xinjiang Military Area Command marched to the Guibantunggut Desert in full gear in a bid to hone the troops' mobile operation capability (PLA Daily)

China's National Defense in 2004
National Defense in 2004 Opinions 
An officer of the Chinese peacekeeping troops takes a photo before boarding at Beijing Capital International Airport, Dec. 22, 2004. The second batch of peacekeeping forces, for transport and medical care, left for Liberia on that day. According to the United Nations' requirement, they will substitute the first batch of Chinese peacekeeping force whose mission is ending.
UPDATED 09:13, January 05, 2005
Taiwan issue listed as top security concern
China's latest white paper on national defense lists "the vicious rise of the 'Taiwan independence' forces" as one of the factors having major impact on China's security, which experts said is an objective assessment of China's current security situation.
China issues white paper on national defense
China published on Monday a white paper on national defense, reaffirming its determination to crush any "Taiwan independence" attempt at all costs and reassure the world of its pursuit of peaceful development that will pose "no obstacle or threat to any one."
Foreign officers: China's defense sector more transparent
Foreign military attaches in China said Monday that China's issuance of a white paper on defense indicates the country's armed forces are becoming increasingly open and transparent.
  National Defense in 2004  
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