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Saddam Hussein appears before a tribunal official

Saddam capture photos circulating on Internet

The moment Saddam was dragged from his hole

Saddam Hussein captured alive in Tikrit

Saddam on trial Saddam captured 
A scene of the US-installed Iraqi Special Tribunal. After being kept in custody for nearly two years, Saddam, 68,along with seven associates, will stand trial in the US-installed Iraqi Special Tribunal on charges against humanity on Wednesday.
UPDATED 15:24, October 22, 2005
Saddam's trial opens door to past
A defence lawyer in Saddam Hussein's mass murder trial has been found dead, his body dumped near a Baghdad mosque with two gunshots to the head, police and a top lawyers union official said on Friday.
Saddam's destiny should be totally decided by Iraqi people: FM spokesman
The destiny of Saddam Hussein should be totally decided by Iraqi people, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said Thursday in Beijing.
Defiant Saddam pleads innocent, trial adjourned
Defiant Saddam Hussein Wednesday challenged the legitimacy of the US-backed court and pleaded not guilty over charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in connection with the Dujail massacre in 1982.

Saddam Hussein (file photo dated Dec 31 2002)

Saddam Hussein (file photo dated Oct 17 2002)

Saddam Hussein (file photo dated July 1st 2004)

Saddam Hussein (file photo dated July 1st 2004)
  Saddam on trial  
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  • Saddam's lawyer boycotts tribunal, demanding apology over disorder  (08:12, August 03)
  • Iraqi tribunal questions Saddam for repressing Shiites (10:36, July 30)
  • Mixed feelings over Saddam's trial (10:19, July 29)
  • Iraqi president praises court performance in trying Saddam (08:13, July 29)
  • Saddam's coming trial rouses mixed feelings among Iraqis  (07:53, July 28)
  • Saddam Hussein's request for trial in Sweden turned down (10:24, July 26)
  • Saddam will be sentenced to death: Iraqi newspaper  (15:11, July 25)
  • Saddam Hussein appears before a tribunal official  (09:23, July 22)
  • Saddam defies at hearing, Algerian envoys in Iraq kidnapped (08:06, July 22)
  • Arabiyah airs video of Saddam in court (08:03, July 22)
  • First charges against Saddam (08:18, July 18)
  • Court proceedings against Saddam may start "within days" (08:00, July 18)
  • Saddam's trial may begin in August (14:21, July 14)
  • Saddam Hussein's chief lawyer resigns (11:24, July 08)
  • Iraq's Special Tribunal questions Saddam's aides (09:24, June 27)
  • Saddam questioned by special tribunal  (08:45, June 14)
  • New tape showing Saddam questioned aired  (08:37, June 14)
  • Saddam's lawyer wants Saddam to be tried in Sweden (10:11, June 13)
  • No fixed date set for Saddam's trial, says Iraqi government (11:29, June 08)
  • Saddam to face 12 charges out of 500: Iraqi official (07:52, June 06)
  • Baghdad court reflects victors' view of justice (14:23, July 09)
  • Saddam trial will be difficult (09:41, July 09)
  • An invisible hand in Saddam's trial (09:42, July 09)
  • Saddam has right to appoint Arab and foreign attorneys: official  (09:58, July 05)
  • Iran's complaint against Saddam a tactical move (09:31, July 05)
  • Saddam stands defiant before Iraqi court (17:14, July 02)
  • US donates millions of dollars for Saddam's trial (09:02, July 02)
  • Iraqis differ on Saddam's appearance in court (08:47, July 02)
  • TV shows footage of Saddam at court (09:58, July 02)
  • Defiant Saddam rejects charges against him (08:44, July 02)
  • Saddam to be executed if convicted: Justice Minister (08:42, July 02)
  • Saddam trial should be fair, says US newspaper (08:42, July 02)
  • Saddam Hussein appears in Iraqi court (19:26, July 01)
  • Iraqis' reactions to Saddam's legal handover mixed (10:27, July 01)
  • Iraq to charge Saddam with war crimes (08:45, July 01)
  • France reaffirms opposition to Iraq resuming death penalty (08:21, July 01)
  • Saddam's lawyers to plead illegitimacy of Iraq's special court (08:10, July 01)
  • Saddam to face criminal charges: US spokesman (08:24, July 01)
  • Saddam to be charged Thursday: Iraqi government (17:24, June 30)
  • Saddam due in court Thursday (08:54, June 30)
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