Bird flu quarantine lifted out

Wuxue, Hubei province lifted out of quarantine

Olympic champion eats chicken

Isolation ends in China's 1st bird flu-hit town

China Bird Flu vaccine producing factory

Premier urges strict bird flu measures

Battle Against Bird Flu
China takes preventive measures Affected areas in action International cooperation Global reports and efforts
Local policemen remove and burn signs marking and isolating bird flu-infected areas in the Xingning District of Nanning March 16, 2004. (newsphoto
China urges other countries to lift poultry import ban

China called on other countries Wednesday to lift import bans on poultry and poultry products imposed out of fear of the bird flu.

China declears bird flu control success

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) on Tuesday morning declared initial-stage success in fighting against highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).

Chickens, ducks back as bird flu suppressed

Only two of the 49 bird flu epidemic areas have not been freed from restrictions within the Chinese mainland.

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Emergency Regional Meeting ends
Regional meeting on bird flu closes
Press conference of OIE/FAO meeting on bird flu
Bird flu hits Japan
Bird flu his Japan
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