Chongqing gas field blowout -- People's Daily Online
  • Over 9,000 poisoned in gas blowout accident (20031226)
  • Operation to cap gas well set for Saturday (20031226)
  • 1,500 rescuers comb for victims of gas well blowout (20031226)
  • Survivors display obvious symptoms of gas poisoning (20031226)
  • Rescue operations reinforced at gas blowout site (20031226)
  • Photos:Investigation team arrives at gas blowout spot (20031226)
  • Officials analyze cause of soaring toll in gas field blowout (20031226)
  • Gas field blowout kills 191in SW China, 290-odd hospitalized (20031226)
  • Gas field blowout kills eight in Chongqing (20031225)

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