Most gas blowout evacuees return home on Tuesday (2)

Most gas blowout evacuees return home on Tuesday

Donation for gas blowout victims

Gas blowout victims begin to return home after cap operation

State Councillor visits gas blowout victims

Chongqing gas field blowout
Rescuers increased to 1,500 Friday, searching for survivors in villages hit by toxic gas caused by a blowout Tuesday in a gas field in Chongqing Municipality.
Three arrested in fatal gas blowout probe

Three workers at the gas well that blew out killing 243 people in Chongqing Municipality last month have been arrested in connection with the accident.

Death toll rises to 243 in gas blowout in SW China

The death toll from the gas blowout in Chongqing Municipality, southwest China, has risen to 243 after 10 more severely poisoned victims died in hospital, the rescue headquarters announced Sunday night.

Photos:Investigation team arrives at gas blowout spot

State Councillor and Secretary-General of the State Council Hua Jianmin expresses sympathy and solicitude to a local villagers in Kaixian County, some 337 kilometers northeast of southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, Dec. 26, 2003.

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