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US Launches War on Iraq

What happens in Iraq?(20030417)

Twelve-year-old Iraqi boy Saadr, whose legs, chest and eyes were wounded during a US air raid on Iraq, lies on the bed of a hospital in Kuwait City for medical treatment April 16, 2003. (Xinhua)

What happens in Iraq?(20030417)

A member of U.S. Marine Corps kicked hard a door while searching a building by a major hospital in downtown Baghdad on April 15. This building is designed to serve as the temporary Iraqi police headquarters. (Xinhua)

Iraqi Boy's Fate(20030417)

This 12-year old boy named Ali with part of his arms lost in a U.S.air strike serves as the symbol of the sufferings and miseries brought by the U.S.-launched Iraqi war. On April 14, he was transferred by a U.S. helihopter from the Saddam Hospital in Baghdad to Kuwait for medical treatment.

Iraq's First, US-sponsored Opposition Meeting Over(20030416)

Iraq's first opposition meeting, sponsored by the United States, ended Tuesday at the southern city of Ur with an agreement to reconvene in 10 days on shaping the future Iraqi government while leaders of countries stepped up efforts toward a central and vital role of the United Nations in postwar Iraq. (Xinhua)

US Continuously Reinforces Troops to Iraq(20030416)

A team of US soldiers stationed at Al-Shuaiba, a port south of Kuwait City, is ready to set off for a patrol mission on April 15. Although the main battle in Iraq seems to come to an end, the US is continuously reinforcing its troops to Iraq across Kuwait. (Xinhua)

US Fighter Jet at Turkey's Incirlik Airbase(20030415)

A US fighter jet is to land at Incirlik Airbase in southern Turkey, April 13, 2003. About 4,000 US and British soldiers and 100 fighter planes have been stationed at the Incirlik Airbase, the most important military base for the US to launch attack on Iraq since the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

Iraqi Troops Release Seven American Soldiers(20030414)

In U.S. troops move on Tikrit, birthplace of Saddam Hussein, they rescue seven missing American soldiers unexpectedly released by a leaderless band of Iraqi troops on April 13.

Anti-war Demonstration Sweeps Across the World(20030414)

(Left)A demonstrator carries a photo of an Iraqi woman whose right arm was hit by a US guided missile and lost forever, protesting the ongoing war in Iraq in Washington.A demonstrator holds an antiwar placard during a parade against the US-led war on Iraq in Paris April 12, 2003.Thousands of people joined the demonstration. (Xinhua)

Baghdad Descends Further into Anarchy(20030414)

Iraqi people are severely beating a looter.

Anti-war Demonstration Sweeps Across the World(20030414)

A protestor places a bunch of flowers on the White Hall Street to mourn for the dead civilians in the war during a demonstration held in London, Britain April 12, 2003. About 10,000 citizens in the city participated in the parade Saturday in opposition to the occupation of Iraq by the United States and Britain. (Xinhua)
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